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Stabilo Multiseat

Vacuum Posture Cushion

Stabilo Multiseat by AAT, vacuum posture seat with so many applications.
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Stabilo Multiseat, Vacuum Posture Cushion

Stabilo Multiseat by AAT is comprised of a strong shell, AAT Stabilo Base Velcro, AAT Stabilo Comfortable Plus Velcro (special shape), AAT Stabilo Headrest Velcro, Set of straps (for mounting and carrying). Ideal for use as a fully crash tested car seat, in buggies and wheelchairs as well as many custom applications.

Metal construction enhances rigidity of the vacuum posture cushions. Special holes make it possible to attach additional straps and the frame lets to attach the wedge and armrests, the soft plate allows bending of the frame as needed.

The Stabilo Multiseat unique features facilitate:

Correction an improper position of the pelvis.
Stabilises the trunk with side supports thus prevent it from deformities.
Shape appropriate, asymmetrical support for the back in case of kyphosis, scoliosis or hyperlordosis.
Thanks to the adjustable headrest you will correctly protect the head and cervical spine.

AAT Stabilo Multiseat multifunctional safety seat

AAT Stabilo Multiseat consists of...

A. Aluminium frame.
B. Stabilo base Velcro.
C. Stabilo Comfortable Plus Velcro (modified for the Multiseat).
D. Stabilo headrest Velcro.
E. Set of straps.

Additional Accessories Available...

1. 4-points holding vest.
2. Stabilo Shorts for positioning of the pelvis and legs abduction.
3. Wedge-shaped platform for tilt.

Multiseat Car

Multiseat - The Wedge

Multiseat - The Vest

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