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Powered Mobility Stairclimber

S-Max Sella stairclimber for spiral and narrow stairs was developed by AAT due to the fact that stairs in buildings are rarely designed or built in such a way that they are accessible for people with reduced mobility. Indeed in many cases they represent a great barrier.
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S-Max SELLA, Powered Mobility STAIRCLIMBER

The Multifunctional S-Max SELLA will accommodate both adult and paediatric passengers on the most challenging of stairways, and through the use of its range of accessories, will manage passengers who can transfer, or who cannot.

“This is a major consideration not only in individual circumstances but also in the event of re-issue of the stairclimber equipment.”
Stairways often represent a great barrier to people with reduced mobility.
The S-Max SELLA Stairclimber solves this problem effortlessly and elegantly. This portable stair lift makes you mobile everywhere and at all times.
S-Max SELLA works on virtually all stair types including spiral stairs, narrow stairs, inside the home and outside and is particularly manoeuvrable and comfortable since the seat is integral.
For ease of transportation and portability you can fold up or disassemble the SELLA easily to fit in virtually all cars.
Folding means little space is taken up in the home.
The AAT SELLA Stairclimber is uniquely able to manage both directly seated passengers and those unable to transfer from their wheelchair (please see video below).
For Social Services, occupational therapists and other professional purchasers the SELLA provides a unique, cost effective combination of flexibility of purpose, ability to function on the narrowest stairways and portability ensuring optimum effectiveness for future re-issues.

Universal Back

The revolutionary new Universal Back designed specifically to work with AAT Stairclimbers ads a new level of support where required. The optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards ensuring safe and dignified transit up and down stairs.

Key benefits include:
Adjustable width and height lateral supports (even asymmetric trunk support)
Head support for taller passengers
Optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards
Adjustable Seat Depth
Optional thigh support panels prevent legs slipping off the sides of the seat
Easy to swap over from standard seat back, using existing seat mounting points
*Compatibility with certain stabilo products designed to work with wheelchairs, please ask during your assessment. 

SELLA Stairs Adult

SELLA Paediatric on Stairs

The unique 2-in-1 S-Max SELLA Vario

S-Max SELLA Stairclimber Function

S-Max SELLA Wheelchair Transfer

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