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Sleep System

The Hugga Sleep System designed by leading neuro-physiotherapists for adults and paediatrics can offer postural support in both supine and side lying.

Hugga, Sleep System

It offers a practical easy to use solution that can be integrated into your care plan.

The Hugga demonstrated in supine, is the first universal sleep system of its kind. Research proves that sleep systems reduce tone/tension, prevent or delay contractures and/or structural deformity, help improve respiratory function and avoidance of tissue damage.

Hugga Benefits...

Improves function, communication and cognitive skills.
Clients have shown enhanced participation with the environment.
Maximises comfort for the client.
Can reduce or delay muscle contractures and joint problems.
Ultimately can avoid the need for corrective surgery.
Supports the body over an extended period making it more susceptible to corrective forces.
Very easy to apply and change position.


The world's first universal T roll makes the Onion perfect from paediatrics all the way through to adulthood.
No longer do you need to buy several sizes throughout a clients development.

All three arms of the Onion can be independently configured to create the optimum positioning aid for the user whilst lying in supine.

Onion Benefits

Control posture and position of the body in supine lying.
Easy to remove layers.
Can be used throughout the life of the user.
Provides for correction of the user.
Helps manage adduction.
No need to choose the correct standard T roll sizes.
Wipe clean.

How the Hugga works


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