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C-Max U1

Powered Mobility Stairclimber

C-Max, the push wheelchair with stair climbing function providing disabled access at home, work, school and out and about. The care attendant needs little physical power to handle the C-Max stair climber. Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions

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C-Max, the push wheelchair with stair climbing function providing disabled access at home and on the road. The care attendant needs little physical power to handle the C-Max stair climber. Please view product movies to see the C-Max in action...

On stairs as well as on level ground C-Max proves its versatility. Removable arm rests make easy transferring from one chair to another possible. Due to its compact dimensions and fold-able foot rest, the C-Max is easy to manoeuvre even on very narrow stair cases or winding stairs. For small, compact apartments with narrow doorways, the C-Max represents the ideal solution.
Patients transport with integral seat
Wheelchair transport with universal rack
1 device - 2 transport solutions
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The revolutionary new Universal Back designed specifically to work with the AAT Stairclimbers ads a new level of support where required. The optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards ensuring safe and dignified transit up and down stairs.

Key benefits include:
Adjustable width and height lateral supports (even asymmetric trunk support)
Head support for taller passengers, bespoke size and shape upon request
Optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards
4 different sizes available
Adjustable Seat Depth
Optional thigh support panels prevent legs slipping off the sides of the seat
Easy to swap over from standard seat back, using existing seat mounting points
*Compatibility with certain stabilo products designed to work with wheelchairs, please ask during your assessment. 

How to buy

Our equipment is available for purchase by private individuals as well as professionals.
Professionals: Available direct, complete the booking form below to arrange your free, no-obligation assessment.
Private individual: Dependant on your means, it may be available free from your local Council.
It is always worth contacting your local Social Services to see what support is available to you.

If you live in a non-Council owned home, you may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant. This is discretionary funding provided by the Government through the local Council and does not have to be paid back. It is subject to certain eligibility criteria. However, the cost of our stairclimbers (comparable to a quality stairlift) means it may be available through the local Council through other channels eg equipment stores, depending on your local Council’s policies.

If your home is owned by the local Council, you may be able to have the equipment free through other sources. Contact Social Services for guidance.

The Council will most likely arrange for you to be assessed by an Occupational Therapist, who will look at what changes/ equipment you need to be able to continue to undertake daily living activities (ADLs).

More information is available here:

Alternatively, there are many charities that may either fund or purchase the equipment for you. Details can be found here:

For private purchase, we would need to visit to assess you, and your home to determine the most appropriate configuration for you.
This is completely free, with no obligation. Please complete the form below.

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