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Stabilo Bath Bagel

Perfect both for bathing and swimming

Stabilo Bagel is perfect both for bathing and swimming as it prevents the head from being immersed in water. It is really convenient as the buoyancy acts on the chest, not on the neck and head. Nothing gives greater relaxation and comfort than the certainty of free-floating in the water.
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Stabilo Bath Bagel, Perfect both bathing & swimming


Lightweight – the cushion together with straps weighs ap. 1 kg (much less when immersed in water).
Easy to dry – you only need to absorb some water after the use and leave it to dry completely.
Versatile in different situations/environments.
Simple to put on and fasten.
Enables almost full body immersion.


The STABILO BATH BAGEL provides excellent head control and stabilisation thus ensuring safe bathing. There is no opportunity that a user can turn his body so that his head turns towards the water surface.

When we use this STABILO cushion the trunk and limbs are free-floating in the water, enabling easy access to different parts of body and thus easy washing.

Swimming Pool

Upper and lower limbs are free-floating – and both the head and the neck are comfortably stabilized.
No opportunity of a turn of the body so that the face is towards the water surface.
Free-floating of the whole body in vertical position.
Free-floating of the whole body in horizontal position when equipped with a special lap strap, which allows for relaxing drifting and swimming.
Bagel Bathing & Swimming


[cm] A B
S 22 33
M 31 38
L 45 60
Bath Bagel Measurements

Instructions for use

  1. Attach the Velcro-hooks of one ending of the strap to the left side of the cushion in the region of the left ear.
  2. Thread the same strap diagonally under the armpit.
  3. Attach the Velcro-hooks of the other ending of the strap.
  4. Repeat the steps 1-3 for the other strap on the right side of the cushion.

Vacuum modelling stabilo cushions

The construction and functioning of the STABILO cushions enables to adjust it to body’s shape. On account on a child’s comfort the cushions should not be hardened too much.

  1. Pull out the tube screwed in the pump’s handle.
  2. Screw the tube in the cushion’s valve and wait until the cushion is sufficiently soft.
  3. Seat a child and adjust the cushion’s shape to a body shape of a child.
  4. Screw the pump in the tube and deflate the air until the desired hardness obtained.
  5. Screw off the tube of the pump and screw the protecting cap in the valve.
  6. To change the shape just screw in the tube only to the valve, wait until the cushion softens, then repeat points 2-5.

Maintenance stabilo cushions

It is allowed to clean it under running water with the simplest liquids such as dishwashing liquid.
After rinsing let it to dry or use a paper towel to drain a water.
Free-floating STABILO cushions are water resistant it is allowed to submerge it in water.

Bagel in Bath

Bagel in Pool

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