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Positive outcomes for reduced mobility do you live daily life comfortably if your mobility is impaired? How do you get up & down stairs, sit, bathe, venture beyond the front door? We can help, call us now on 01978 82 18 75 to arrange your FREE assessment
Are you an OT? support for occupational therapists is at the core of our business. Our Nationwide team are available to offer a world of solutions to promote positive outcomes. more

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FREE Professional onsite assessment - with risk assessment - (face-to-face or over the Internet)
FREE Training as standard
Guaranteed buy-back
Certainty of re-issue
Huge range of unique vital accessories
Safety built in
Decades of expertise and experience
UK wide coverage and support
Thousands in use
Impeccable safety record
Optimised flexibility by design
“Tech” helps Pam avoid being house-bound

One of the biggest fears for many older people living in flats is inability to get “out and about” should they become less mobile, particularly if there is no lift. 

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Hassle-free, stress-free and safe bathing without delay

Bath-time- it should be relaxing, but if a client needs care support, it is fraught with risk unless a major adaptation is undertaken.

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Sitting comfortably…? How choice of cushion can really be life-changing

Remember the pleasure as a child of sitting in a bean bag, and having a wriggle so it fitted you just right? Then you moved, and it all went pear-shaped….
When living with a child with special needs, repeating for them that pleasurable experience (before you moved) is even harder
Or is it?

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