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Mobility Wheelchair Stairclimbers ...and so much more

Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions.

Positive outcomes for reduced mobility ...how do you live daily life comfortably if your mobility is impaired? How do you get up & down stairs, sit, bathe, venture beyond the front door? We can help, call us now on 01978 82 18 75 to arrange your FREE assessment
COVID19 #OPENFORBUSINESS We’re here to support you however you need us ...virtual remote assessments, telephone advice, in-person visits with all appropriate PPE & protective measures. #WESUPPORT
We support you through the process of finding the practical and appropriate answers to reduced mobility and special needs, whether short or long term. AAT’s range of powered stairclimbers, vacuum posture cushions and powered lifting systems delivers re-useable moving and handling technology (equipment) easily, with minimal- or no- structural, physical, emotional disruption.

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Stabilo Posture Cushions by AATGB

The infinitely variable alternative to fixed moulded systems. Stabilo Vacuum Posture Cushions provide all-encompassing postural solutions. 

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