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UK's leading supplier of Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions.

Mobility Wheelchair Stairclimbers and Posture Cushions. Powered stair climbers, Electric Powered Robot Mobility Stairclimber and Add-on Power Units for manual Wheelchairs, Vacuum Posture Cushions, Sensory Feedback and Stability, Single Operator Raizer® Lifting Device for Fallen Persons. AAT, The Powered Stair climber People are specialists in providing Personalised Disability Access, Emergency Evacuation and Social Inclusion solutions to Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, end-users, and the general public. AAT also provide a wide range of Cargo Handling Devices for Delivery Professionals. We come to you Nationwide.

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Good news!!!We're Back!

Our full national team will be fully back and available to you as from 1st July to provide free on site assessments (UK Mainland), sales, service and support on our extensive product range including all stairclimbing solutions, Stabilo vacuum posture cushions, gravity chair, Hugga sleep support, bathing and sensory equipment which can be seen here.

Our area managers will observe all appropriate government guidelines including Personal Protection Equipment.

We are available to you immediately for servicing, call out and urgent cases such as palliative and ‘home from hospital’ including video sessions where OT is unable to attend.

Please give us a call on 01978 821875

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Stabilo Posture Cushions by AATGB

The infinitely variable alternative to fixed moulded systems. Stabilo Vacuum Posture Cushions provide all-encompassing postural solutions. 

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We can't wait to show you our kit in action!


Yes. We have an assessor in your area. Nationwide UK Mainland only.


Our staff will take you through application and training requirements. 
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Book your FREE Assessment. Our expert assessors are available nationwide.
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