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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published new guidelines on wheelchair provision. Don’t forget to address wheelchairs and stairs!

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Case study: bathtime for George is liberating with new support aid

For quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy teenager George, bath-time has always been compromised. Aqua Liberty has changed all that!

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Dealing with stairs- we unveil “one of a kind” answer

he Universal Back Clip On adapts to each user, clips on and off for easy stowage, making it universally suitable for anyone with mobility issues.AAT- the stairclimber people #occupationaltherapy #adaptation #stairs #safetransfer

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  • “The Comfortable Plus/ Duo are invaluable pieces of kit for us. They are massively valuable assets in their ability to transform our guests’ experiences.”

    Kat McCallum

    Bendrigg Trust Volunteer Co-Ordinator
    View Comfortable Plus
  • “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana. “I arranged a trial for them and was very impressed. Other beanbags need professional casting, which makes it difficult to adjust them once the client’s postural needs change. Chilli Bean can be easily readjusted by anyone trained to do so. I’ve already recommended it to other team members, who have also begun specifying Chilli Bean.”

    Rosana Barbosa

    Occupational Therapist
    View Chilli Bean
  • “Chilli Bean is an amazing piece of kit. It’s the one piece of equipment Daniel has that really added value to his and our lives,” comments Daniels’ mum Jodie. “It has had such a positive impact on the whole family, it gives us such freedom. We know Daniel is correctly and safely supported without restraint, we can adjust it ourselves as he needs. Because it’s basically a lightweight bean bag, we can move it round the house wherever we need, even into the garden. We can even have family movie nights: his brother will sit on the floor next to Daniel.”

    Jodie Bostock

    whose son Daniel has complex disabilities
    View Chilli Bean
  • “It is obvious that the Grande is being used all the time, not left under the bed or in a corner as previous pieces of equipment have been. Having the right equipment available to allow Ellie to have regular time out of her chair as part of her 24-hour postural management programme has already been beneficial and positive for Ellie. Improvement have been seen in her levels of fatigue, spasticity and dystonia in the short time that Ellie has had the Grande. It’s easier for her support worker to help Ellie to do her stretches, as it’s more comfortable for Ellie than lying on the floor. Improvements in her lower limb range of movement has also been noted subjectively. She is less fatigued, and there’s been a positive impact on her behaviour as she’s not so frustrated, nor impacted so much by postural fatigue or discomfort.”

    Physiotherapist Nicki Keech

    of Centaur Physiotherapy whose client Ellie Matraves has a brain injury and disabilities
    View Grande
  • “What works for him one day may not be suitable the next. The Chilli Bean is perfect: we’re able ourselves to finitely adjust the contouring and firmness of the seat to make him properly supported. It’s the first time we’re chilled about his comfort, we know with the Chilli Bean it’s easy to make even tiny alterations whenever he needs. With his secretions, it’s hygienic too as we just wipe it down.”

    Mum of Finley

    who has epilepsy and global development delay
    View Chilli Bean
  • “The Grande is the only thing we’ve found that means we can stretch her out properly for her physiotherapy and support her comfortably. In everything else we’ve tried she curls in on herself. We use it in lots of ways- for her physio, and relaxation. We can put an assistive technology device underneath, so she can feel the sound vibrations. There are so many ways we can use it, especially as it’s so lightweight: we can move it wherever we need it!”

    Jane Turton

    Manager of Mencap residential care home Jane Turton on a resident who has complex and severe mental and physical disabilities
    View Grande
  • “The AAT equipment is amazing. My staff were very impressed too: they don’t have to lift anything, just push a button! AAT were amazing with the speed they responded to my enquiry, delivered the machine and trained my staff.”

    Trisha Hayward

    Owner of Inspirations care home
    View S-Max
  • “It was such a revolution I wouldn’t let them have it back! The stairclimber is essential, I wouldn’t be without it, there’s no other way of safely getting April up and down stairs. Carrying her up and down stairs was a recipe for disaster. The stairclimber made it safe, for me and April. It’s good for the whole family: when we’re not using it, the S-Max stows away. With three other children too, it can be a very full house at times! It doesn’t visibly impact on the household like a stairlift or through-floor lift would. One of the other beauties is we can pack it into the car for family holidays, widening the choice of where we can stay.”

    Paul Wray

    whose daughter April has Cerebral Palsy
    View S-Max
  • “We all think it is brilliant! We were a bit wary at first, but once we were shown how to use it, and adjust the speed to suit what we are comfortable with, we all love it, even Dad. With the various harness straps, we know Dad is safe during the transfer, with no risk of him catching his legs even in chorea. I can’t imagine life without it.”

    Hayley Thompson-Kail

    S-Max for her father who has Huntingdon’s Disease
    View S-Max
  • “The stairclimber’s a brilliant bit of equipment. It’s meant we can make it a really full life for Daniel. On a practical level, because of his health issues Daniel requires 24-hour care. The stairclimber is so easy, everyone can use it- whether it’s Daniels’s dad who is 6ft 3ins to his smallest carer who’s only 4ft 11 ins. Crucially, it supports and holds Daniel safely and correctly. It just works for us.”

    Jodie Bostock

    whose son Daniel has complex disabilities
    View S-Max
  • “I don’t have the capability to carry Cecilia on my own, it’s not safe for either of us. Cecilia desperately wanted me to take her up to bed, and would cry because I couldn’t. Now I CAN do it, she’s so happy that mummy is taking her to bed. She loves it and asks ‘more’ as soon as we get to the top of the stairs! The stairclimber has transformed our daily life”

    Lauren Cann

    whose daughter Cecilia has Cerebral Palsy
    View S-Max
  • “By having the three AAT stairclimbers, we have uniformity and consistency throughout the site, so staff know how to use the equipment wherever. It is reassuring to know that our less mobile visitors have appropriate support to exit the Castle if needed. Fortunately, to my knowledge, we have never had to use them in an emergency."

    Ronald Archibald

    Historic Environment Scotland District Works Manager
    View S-Max
  • “One of the major benefits for us as a service is that AAT offers a universal, adaptable stairclimber that can be used for children of all ages. That is appealing for our re-issue, as we only need carry one type. We can contact AAT’s team members direct, which further expediates accurate, timely intervention. Coupled with the support AAT provides, it makes provision of stairclimbers for our children efficient and cost-effective."

    Kiran Kalra

    HES Childrens Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist
    View S-Max
  • “When Katie first tried the S-Max, she thought it was brilliant. It seems like a fairground ride to her! AAT advised that the stairclimber be accessorised with a harness to properly support Katie and ensure she was safe. It has removed the risk for Katie and risk of injury to ourselves from the whole process.”

    Sarah Harries

    whose daughter Katie has Cerebral Palsy, cortical visual impairment and suffers from epilepsy
    View S-Max
  • “The stairclimber is so easy, and Rhiann feels safe in it, she is very routine-orientated. AAT trained me and my wife, so either of us can use it on our own. For safeguarding, we have a harness attached so Rhiann is secure even if she has a seizure during the transfer process (she suffers from epilepsy too). We’ve had the stairclimber eight years now! The design of the staircase means it’s not practical to fit a stairlift, and to be honest, we prefer the stairclimber to the through-floor lift we had, as it frees up space with is in short supply anyway. The design of the stairclimber, with arms that swing out of the way to aid transfer, also makes moving Rhian from it to her specialist hospital bed much easier for us. It reduces the strain on us physically, and reduces the number of transfers, as we can just slide her across. Before, we had to transfer her from the through-floor lift to an H hoist and then from the hoist to bed.”

    Peter Ellis

    whose daughter Rhiann has severe disabilities
    View S-Max
  • “The Stairclimber has been such an asset to us as a family. This piece of equipment has allowed my mum to have a better quality of life, and helped her wellbeing. But it has also helped with the wellbeing of us, her carers, too. it means we all feel there is a real sense of freedom. You can't put a price on this sort of liberation. This will definitely help anyone who values wellbeing and freedom. As for the maintenance - AAT is brilliant. We've had the equipment for some time, and it really is maintained very well. You never feel as though you're a burden and have always been met with considerate staff and a level of expertise that is outstanding. Believe me, this makes a difference when you're juggling lots.”

    Chandrika Javiraj

    whose mum had a stroke
    View S-Max
  • “The service we have received has been extremely positive. Funds and time are under pressure now more than ever. This means we can quickly empower clients to still be able to access all levels of their home, with the peace of mind that the right kit is being supplied, maintained and serviced, and in full working order. It takes a pressure off the already busy stores team, and enables effective delegation and employment of specialised resources so we can make best use of our time and expertise.”

    Jane Fisher

    Leeds City Council Occupational Therapy Team Manager
    View S-Max
  • “The S-Max’s been a real problem-solver. It means so much to us. The stairclimber is so quick and easy to use, it’s just a couple of buttons to operate. It has been a life-saver.: it was so dangerous how we used to get mum out and back home. This way is much more dignified. We have to deal with a flight of stairs from mum’s flat to the main entrance, then more steps beyond. Gareth from AAT was so helpful in working with us to find the best way to navigate them all.”

    Charlotte Backshell

    whose mum Pam has arthritis, osteoporosis and COPD
    View S-Max
  • “We can all imagine how difficult it would be to transport a sick or injured person to and from hospital when flights of stairs are involved. We were delighted to be able to help Patient Transport Services to acquire two fantastic bariatric stairclimbers which we know will make the patients journey less stressful and, at the same time, make the job of everyone in patient transport a little bit easier.”

    Roy Tuttle

    Chairman of the Torbay Hospital League of Friends
    View C-Max
  • “We love the Gravity Chair! Stanley is so comfortable in it that he hasn’t sat in any other chair since. He feels safe and supported. It helps him conserve his energy, enabling him to rest whilst still being part of family life and then giving him that boost to participate. As it’s lightweight, we can easily move it to wherever we need, even into the garden, so he’s been able to spend much more time with his siblings. I’ve told numerous friends about it, especially in the special needs community, who are now also considering it for their children.”

    Sam Reid

    whose son Stanley has autism
    View Gravity Chair
  • “I am overwhelmed at the success of the Gravity Chair and its positive impact on Ryan. The difference even that first time he sat in it was such that I nearly cried. All the staff working with Ryan have commented on how he is so much more aware of his surroundings, and how his posture and interaction with them have improved. It might look like a simple chair, but it’s much more. All in all we are absolutely over the moon at the difference this chair has made to this young man.”

    Michele McCafferty

    the Occupational Therapist @ Percy Hedley Foundation’s Northern Counties School whose pupil Ryan has highly complex needs
    View Gravity Chair
  • “The chairs are always positively received by both children and their parents who have found them a very child friendly seat. Both children and their parents love them.”

    Clare Mason

    Children’s Occupational Therapist @ Sefton Carers Centre/ Alderhey
    View Gravity Chair
  • “Since we’ve been using the Aqua Liberty, this resident actually gets the benefit of her aqua therapy. She is relaxed, and content.”

    Jane Turton

    Manager of Mencap residential home
    View Aqua Liberty

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