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Bath Support System

A bathing solution

The base support system enhanced by the unique and wide range of AAT Stabilo vacuum posture cushions to ensure a perfect, stable and comfortable fit for all including adults and children suffering with autism, learning difficulties, OCD, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, scoliosis, seizures and brain damage to name but a few, and completely flexible remoulding whenever appropriate.

Bath Support System, A bathing solution

AAT’s bath systems have been designed to allow children and adults to bathe safely and comfortably at home allowing users to sitting right at the back in the bath, to stretch out legs, to sit upright or lie reclined.

The bath system is modular, it’s compact and easy to lift in and out of the bath, easy to store, and easy to transport for holidays. The high backrest offers stable and adjustable postural support fitting a range of bath shapes and sizes.

The range and combination of cushions that are brought out on assessment visits by our UK-wide network of trained representatives, mean that all prospective users are assessed according to their individual postural needs, and the size and shape of the bath, Velcro straps, additional headrest supports and wedges can be provided to ensure a bespoke fit to suit each individual user, and the modular nature of the bath system means that different components can be changed over time allowing for growth, postural changes, deterioration or improvement in health in fact anything which alters an individual’s ability to bathe safely or more independently with less or more support.

Who’s it for?

The AAT bath system is Ideal for those with kyphosis or scoliosis, for anyone with an asymmetric body shape, with spinal or pelvic deformities.

The cushions provide excellent support to assist anyone with high or low muscle tone, and the moulding makes them ideal for anyone with extensor spasm and uncontrolled involuntary movements, and for anyone with a need for high-grade pressure-relieving products.

Adjustable Backrests

These can be adjusted to different angles depending on the user's needs and are generally for comfort. The more reclined the backrest the more room it will take up with in the bath in effect shortening the bath. A general rule of thumb is the more reclined the backrest the more chance you will need a knee brake as well.
Bath Cradle

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