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Hugga Proning Hugga

Conscious Patient Proning Pack

Developed in collaboration with The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Lancashire Teaching Hospital Charity.

prone positioning without further need of assistance

National Covid treatment guidelines recommends the use of prone positioning to improve oxygenation in patients. However most awake patients find it difficult to tolerate the therapy of proning due too besity, CPAP hoods and other factors. Posture Care’s cushion system allows for improved patient comfort and rest.
Cushions can be used to support patients in prone and laterally
Compatible for use with CPAP hood treatment
Pressure-relieving Levitex® foam* layers
Multi-use infection control
4-way stretch vapour permeable fabric
Anti-slip base
Wipe clean
* Independently and clinically lab tested at UCLAN

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