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Stabilo Grande

Vacuum Posture Cushion Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication...

The Stabilo Grande mattress-size vacuum posture cushion by AAT... Perfect seating every time...
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Stabilo Grande, Vacuum Posture Cushion

Stabilo Stabilo Grande by AAT is a mattress-sized cushion. It can be used in all circumstances where any type of body deformity, for example caused by seizures, makes it impossible for the patient to be supported by an ordinary mattress. Its versatility means that AAT Stabilo Grande may be used for lying on, sitting or physiotherapy and rehabilitation, thus making it possible to adapt the same equipment for several patients. The mattress is supplied with an electric pump, Vacumaker, that allows to quickly change and set the shape.
Adapts precisely to the patients changing anatomical requirements.
Facilitates side positioning.
Can relieve sensitive body parts during long periods in one position.
Extremely cost effective and reliable.

Grande Vacuum Posture Cushion

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