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Gravity Chair

Foam Positioning System

The AAT Gravity Chair looks like a simple chair, but it’s much more. Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions

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The AAT Gravity Chair is a specially designed foam positioning system which offers support, sensory feedback and stability to children and adults with a range of disabilities. The Chair promotes a low centre of gravity in the user, which naturally encourages a stable seated position, and has high arm rests and snug-fitting lateral supports to enhance a feeling of safety, security and well-being. By allowing users to sit comfortably and independently, the Gravity Chair can bring more confidence and freedom to daily lives. It’s lightweight, very portable and comes in four sizes.

A wedge mat is provided with the Gravity Chair, to allow optimum positioning of the head, trunk and legs. The wedge can be put under the front, back – or even under one of the sides – to allow users to sit more upright, more reclined, or to assist to gain a more aligned posture when deformities and contractures are present. This allows the Gravity Chair to be used for relaxation, to facilitate social interaction, to enhance engagement, attention and concentration and to enable the independent use of laptops, tablets and console games whilst maintaining good posture.
Promotes a low centre of gravity to allow a naturally aligned posture
Reduces anxiety by providing sensory feedback
Alleviates the discomfort of spasm and involuntary movement
Enhances fine motor control activities and the independent use of hand-held devices
Provides a safe and comfortable ‘time-out’ solution for children with challenging behaviour
Can be used as a safe and non-restrictive seating option to ease deformities and contractures
Foam chair, removable and washable cover.
Incontinence resistant sitting surface.
Velcro connected side pouch.Pelvis belt.
Foam chair, removable and washable cover.

Typical Applications

AAT in Europe has been promoting the Gravity Chair for 20 years and identified many positive results in varied situations and with a wide range of users. AAT GB is keen to share the benefits the combined use of gravity and tight lateral support the Gravity Chair has been proven to provide:
People cared for in bed for long periods of time were able to tolerate sitting again, using a hoist for transfers and using the wedge to provide additional tilt-in-space with the angle allowing upright sitting to be adjusted steadily, over time.
People with neurological conditions who experience extensor spasm have benefited from having this stable and comfy chair as an option to prescribed dynamic or rigid seating. The Gravity Chair allows users who may need to have more restrictive seating for a greater part of their day, to experiment and explore autonomous movement, whilst getting sensory feedback from the Chair itself can lessen the discomfort of spasm.
Children and adults with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) get close body contact in the AAT Gravity Chair, with the resulting ‘hug’ from the chair promoting feelings of calm, greater body awareness and an increased ability to self-regulate sensory input. Emotions and behaviours become easier to manage and occupational therapists and physiotherapists have found the Gravity Chair a useful piece of kit to reduce anxiety, distractibility and thereby increase participation, function and communication.
The AAT Gravity Chair has been found to provide a perfect solution for parents and teachers seeking a non-restrictive ‘time-out’ option for children with challenging behaviour who may find the demands of school excessive and who need a quiet space when they get home, or in a corner of the classroom. The Gravity Chair can provide the sensory and automatic positive feedback some children seek and are unable to find in the school environment, reducing stress on the nervous system, helping them to manage their emotions and responses in a comfortable place.
People who find it difficult to use laptops, tablets and handheld game consoles – due to dyspraxia, tics and abnormal involuntary movements – are assisted by the shape and stability of the Gravity Chair, either by using the height of the armrests for support or by allowing some movement whilst keeping elbows tucked inside the chair.
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