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Leeds achieves best value in efficient delivery of equipment services

The innovative arrangement with Britain’s biggest stairclimbing company AAT GB means that assessment of user needs, and re-issue of the equipment that is tailored to them, is expediated more quickly and efficiently, and at less overall cost.

AAT avoids disruption to family living from hospital discharge

For families and local authorities, ensuring a home can accommodate a patient’s immediate needs on hospital discharge can be costly- in time, effort, and psychologically.

Southwark adopts virtual approach to accelerate timely support for daily living

Use of virtual technology by the social care team at Southwark Council is empowering them to more efficiently prescribe feasible outcomes to support activities of daily living and enable people to remain in their homes.

AAT steps up to help OTs minimise risk

With housing adaptations taking even longer to deliver with COVID restrictions, AAT is stepping up to help the professionals involved expediate timely and practical interim solutions to avoid exposing clients and their carers to unnecessary significant risk.

How lateral thinking is enabling best use of resources vertically for care provider

A piece of equipment initially purchased to address one problem is now delivering positive outcomes in a raft of services, as a result of ‘outside of the box’ thinking.

Moving and handling- top tips to alternative strategies for better outcomes

The Government, through its All Our Health scheme(1) is now actively encouraging a proactive approach to prevent illness and protect health, to improve health outcomes and reduce the drain on available resources.

Single-handed care for special needs in-home transfer

Data reveals that children with a limiting long-term illness are more likely to be obese that their well counterparts. Children with intellectual disability are particularly high risk.

Single-handed solution to moving obese

Anyone involved in the healthcare sector with obese people on a day to day basis is aware of the growing cost- not just in stronger equipment, but the additional people- and therefore time- cost in moving and handling.

Better Care – A Better Way?

This thought-provoking piece has been contributed by Peter Wingrave, Sales Director at AAT GB. “Build back better” is a mantra adopted by the government in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

#Lockdown2: AAT’s #openforbusiness

As England heads into its second Lockdown, AAT is already getting set to support people in need of support.

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