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Safe, fast adaptations, for less than £1000: we explain how

In the ongoing battle to reduce delay in home adaptations, and minimising risk for clients whilst their application is processed, AAT GB is highlighting how the barrier of stairs can be overcome- for under £1000.

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Focus on Chilli Bean- the ultimate paediatric seat

Chilli Bean- the ultimate paediatric seating. Infinitely adjustable, infinitely variable, at home, at no cost, in seconds.

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We’re investing in supporting you to achieve timely, safe adaptations delivery

Safe, appropriate adaptations within days (subject to Ts&Cs) is now achievable… In our continuing drive to help deliver timely answers for people to be discharged from hospital and/or live life better, we are expanding our support for occupational therapists and adaptations delivery teams Already proven to be innovative in its range of mobility and posture […]

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Spend time plumping cushions? Therapy Roll liberates you!

How often every day does a care-giver re-plumb, adjust, move cushions to ensure continued comfort and posture support without pressure points?

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“Tech” helps Pam avoid being house-bound

One of the biggest fears for many older people living in flats is inability to get “out and about” should they become less mobile, particularly if there is no lift. 

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Hassle-free, stress-free and safe bathing without delay

Bath-time- it should be relaxing, but if a client needs care support, it is fraught with risk unless a major adaptation is undertaken.

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Sitting comfortably…? How choice of cushion can really be life-changing

Remember the pleasure as a child of sitting in a bean bag, and having a wriggle so it fitted you just right? Then you moved, and it all went pear-shaped….
When living with a child with special needs, repeating for them that pleasurable experience (before you moved) is even harder
Or is it?

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Rising to a new challenge

Our 30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels, is stimulating new, wider opportunities: we are now looking to expand our field sales and technical support teams by some 50%.

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Stairclimbers’ increasingly to “go to” answer for overcoming mobility

30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels. We delighted to report a 30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels. Peter Wingrave, AAT Director, maintains the growth in popularity is due to a number of elements. Key benefits are the speed with […]

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Take steps to deliver adaptations for under £1000

Adaptation for <£1000? A stairclimber can achieve safe transfer, quickly and cost efficiently.

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