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AAT launches “game changing” concept in supported bathing

“We strongly believe Aqua Liberty is a game changer,” says AAT Director Peter Wingrave.

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Are you sitting comfortably?…

Peter Wingrave, Sales Director AAT GB, explains the benefits of variable vacuum postural support systems

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Help clients ‘access all areas’ quickly without disruption

extract from The OT Magazine. Addressing the impact of reduced mobility on a client and their family can be disruptive…

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Take a stand on preventative care technology

A new study(1) has found 70% of adults say their elderly parents are now more wiling to consider the use of preventative care technology to maintain independence at home. National mobility provider AAT GB says its Sit n Stand seat raiser is the perfect solution, that empowers elderly loved ones to easily sit and stand […]

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Universal approach simplifies prescription of safe transfer

One thing is certain in prescribing solutions to enable clients to safely transfer, their needs are going to change, meaning a change of equipment and all its associated disruption and cost. AAT GB, the stairclimber people, have designed a bespoke, innovative solution, unlike anything else available in its sector. The Universal Back is mechanically mounted […]

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Take comfort

Peter Wingrave, Sales Director @ AAT GB, looks at how Hugga sleep solutions for postural care can deliver multiple benefits for client and carer.

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The new AAT Universal Back smart system

The Universal Back is a modular system which we can tailor to suit each individual user.

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Assistive tech prompts calls for “more!”

The joy of being taken up to bed by mum is now a daily reality for four years-old Cecilia Cann, thanks to an adaptable piece of technology.

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Stairs- overcoming the obstacle

Stairs- they’re hard to avoid: of the 28.5m homes in the UK, more than two-thirds are houses of one type or another(1). But what if we suddenly, for whatever reason, can’t manage them on our own any more?

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AAT spotlights technology to stop the pressure

In the wake of Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, postural support expert AAT GB is highlighting a combination of new technologies to avoid occurrence in the first place, and thus potentially reduce the daily £1.4m cost to the NHS(1).

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