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Stabilo Comfortable Plus Posture Cushion

Vacuum Posture Cushion

Comfortable Plus is a cushion with a modelled headrest and side supports.
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Stabilo Comfortable Plus, Vacuum Posture Cushion

Stabilo Comfortable Plus by AAT is a cushion with a modelled headrest and side supports, with Velcro fastening. It is intended for patients with special needs. Its function is to stabilise the whole body by using extended supports that go around the patient’s trunk and fasten with Velcro. The cushion forms an anatomically-fitted corset. The product is intended for patients with cerebral palsy (spastic quadriplegia) with low muscle tone in the trunk. It also provides excellent stability for patients with severe athetosis.
The corset support AAT Comfortable Plus, used in conjunction with AAT Base, is the most frequently used suite of AAT stabilising systems.
Pictures taken prior to and during the use of AAT Comfortable Plus showing effectiveness.
The support personalises the user’s wheelchair by fitting to the patient’s individual needs.
It is an excellent supplement for a therapeutic seat.

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