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C-Max U2 - Ambulance Version

Powered Mobility Stairclimber for Ambulance Crew

Powered stair climber developed with ambulance personnel for safety of patients and staff. Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions

See also: C-Max U1, CR230, Universal Back
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C-Max U2 - Ambulance Version KEY FACTS

Powered stair climber developed with ambulance personnel for safety of patients and staff.
Safely and effectively transports patients up and down stairs and across level ground
Minimal transfers - good for staff - vital for the patient
Fully crash tested allowing patients to travel in the C-Max U2, in the ambulance. Minimal transfers
Compact yet powerful mechanism replaces manual lifting for patients up to 160kg (25 stones), up to 230kg (36 stones) with the C230 on stairs
In-vehicle CEN approved rear impact securing system allows patient to travel in the C-Max reducing transfers and enabling bed-to-bed transfers. Fully crash tested
Musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries to staff are drastically reduced and consequent costs. See in-service performance figures below
Ideal for obese or bariatric patient transfers
Reduced absenteeism means the C-Max pays for itself very quickly
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Accommodates in-vehicle by attachment to rear impact protection devices, 4 point floor mounted webbing or in crash tested bracket in the folded position
Unique approved in-vehicle charging system
Addresses requirements raised in the Sussex V King 2002 judgment
Widely in service in the UK with references available on request
Fully integrated training options
Relevant to foreseeable tasks
Bariatric versions available
Safe and proven
Clearly affordable - Major operating cost reduction
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FREE Professional onsite assessment - with risk assessment - (face-to-face or over the Internet)
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Guaranteed buy-back
Certainty of re-issue
Huge range of unique vital accessories
Safety built in
Decades of expertise and experience
UK wide coverage and support
Thousands in use
Impeccable safety record
Optimised flexibility by design
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The revolutionary new Universal Back designed specifically to work with the AAT Stairclimbers ads a new level of support where required. The optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards ensuring safe and dignified transit up and down stairs.

Key benefits include:
Adjustable width and height lateral supports (even asymmetric trunk support)
Head support for taller passengers, bespoke size and shape upon request
Optional chest harness supports the passenger both laterally and forwards
4 different sizes available
Adjustable Seat Depth
Optional thigh support panels prevent legs slipping off the sides of the seat
Easy to swap over from standard seat back, using existing seat mounting points
*Compatibility with certain stabilo products designed to work with wheelchairs, please ask during your assessment. 

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