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Chilli Bean Posture Cushion

The infinitely flexible alternative to fixed moulded systems

Chilli Bean through its size and shape adapts to the body or, if necessary, ensures the desired position. Your National Partner for Mobility Stairclimbers & Vacuum Posture Cushions

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Stabilo Chilli Bean through its size and shape adapts to the body or, if necessary, enforces the desired position. The large surface area ensures that even with a substantial firmness, the patient feels comfortable. A stabilising seat enabling proper positioning without reducing comfort.
Use as a stabilising seat
Obtaining a proper position without reducing comfort
Creating a niche
Rehabilitation exercises
Comfort, relaxation and reduced anxiety through sensory feedback
Perfect desired positioning, support and comfort every time yet adapts in moments to changing requirements
Suggested Applications...
For people suffering from spasticity - Providing stability and security at high muscle tension
For low tone people - Allowing for proper positioning of the body
For patients with Scoliosis
For people with reduced or a lack of control of the head - enabling the formation of a headrest
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The Chilli Bean Roller Base may serve as carrying equipment from a living room to a kitchen or a bathroom. In rehabilitation or daily care centre, a therapist may need to transport a child from one rehabilitation room to another. Not to mention hospitals, where using a trolley is crucial when transporting patients.

The Chilli Bean Roller Base is a solid, lightweight, easy-to-use and attractively designed. It facilitates passage through the majority of doors, which are rarely less than 80 cm wide. The total width of the base is 74 cm and thus there is enough space to use it indoors comfortably.

The metal construction is made especially for Chilli Bean Roller Base L in order to prevent any part of the cushion from flattening. The backrest, lateral supports and the front of the pouffe are thus effectively secured.

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  • “As soon as I saw how the Chilli Bean all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana. “I arranged a trial for them and was very impressed. Other beanbags need professional casting, which makes it difficult to adjust them once the client’s postural needs change. Chilli Bean can be easily readjusted by anyone trained to do so. I’ve already recommended it to other team members, who have also begun specifying Chilli Bean.”

    Rosana Barbosa

    Occupational Therapist
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  • “Chilli Bean is an amazing piece of kit. It’s the one piece of equipment Daniel has that really added value to his and our lives,” comments Daniels’ mum Jodie. “It has had such a positive impact on the whole family, it gives us such freedom. We know Daniel is correctly and safely supported without restraint, we can adjust it ourselves as he needs. Because it’s basically a lightweight bean bag, we can move it round the house wherever we need, even into the garden. We can even have family movie nights: his brother will sit on the floor next to Daniel.”

    Jodie Bostock

    whose son Daniel has complex disabilities
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  • “What works for him one day may not be suitable the next. The Chilli Bean is perfect: we’re able ourselves to finitely adjust the contouring and firmness of the seat to make him properly supported. It’s the first time we’re chilled about his comfort, we know with the Chilli Bean it’s easy to make even tiny alterations whenever he needs. With his secretions, it’s hygienic too as we just wipe it down.”

    Mum of Finley

    who has epilepsy and global development delay
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