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Stabilo Base Posture Cushion

Vacuum Posture Cushions

Stabilo Base, a universal, low cost, perfect fit cushion... Base AAT Posture Cushion is a universal cushion designed for sitting on. The product may be used by anyone at risk of remaining seated for long periods of time.

Stabilo Base, Vacuum Posture Cushions

Stabilo Base AAT Posture Cushion provides good stabilisation of the seating position in standard wheelchairs or ordinary armchairs for patients with curvatures or low muscle tone. The cushion can be instantly re-shaped on demand to relieve sensitive areas or modelled so that it supports the user’s body as required.
Option to model the wedge.
Option to raise one of the hips.
Regulation of the angle of the hip joint.
Relief for sensitive parts of the body.
Option to create a gutter to abduct legs.

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