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Moving and handling- top tips to alternative strategies for better outcomes

The Government, through its All Our Health scheme(1) is now actively encouraging a proactive approach to prevent illness and protect health, to improve health outcomes and reduce the drain on available resources.

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Single-handed care for special needs in-home transfer

Data reveals that children with a limiting long-term illness are more likely to be obese that their well counterparts. Children with intellectual disability are particularly high risk.

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Single-handed solution to moving obese

Anyone involved in the healthcare sector with obese people on a day to day basis is aware of the growing cost- not just in stronger equipment, but the additional people- and therefore time- cost in moving and handling.

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Better Care – A Better Way?

This thought-provoking piece has been contributed by Peter Wingrave, Sales Director at AAT GB. “Build back better” is a mantra adopted by the government in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

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#Lockdown2: AAT’s #openforbusiness

As England heads into its second Lockdown, AAT is already getting set to support people in need of support.

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Going above and beyond to deliver quality of home life

The UK’s leading provider of community equipment services has partnered with Britain’s only nationwide provider of stairclimbers AAT to offer special, unique solutions to home access.

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Daily life with complex needs made easier

AAT GB has developed its Chilli Bean mobile support system in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, to meet daily life requirements of healthcare professionals and families caring for someone with complex motor issues.

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Best value solution to hospital discharge

Hospital and community healthcare teams can take advantage of an innovative solution to meeting the requirements of The Government’s new Hospital Discharge Service: Policy & Operating Model. The Model maintains that 35% of people will require an ongoing package of care, and 45% to be discharged with up to six weeks’ recovery support from health […]

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AAT Rises to Bedblocking Challenge

As an additional £500+m funding is announced to alleviate bed blocking and expedite hospital discharge, AAT announces a raft of rapid delivery, best value measures to provide support once at home.

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Pioneering solution to take the strain off carers

Occupational Therapists can quickly and cost-effectively make inroads into the backlog of people needing equipment to go, or remain, at home. The solution reduces the strain on carers too.

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