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Stabilo Elite Posture Cushion

Vacuum Posture Cushion

Anti-bedsore modelled cushion Stabilo Elite by AAT.
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Stabilo Elite Posture, Vacuum Posture Cushion

As part of the Stabilo Posture Cushions range by AAT a new product has been launched – the Stabilo Elite rehabilitation and anti-bedsore cushion by AAT. The AAT Stabilo Elite has a modular design, and is multi-layered. The lower part of the cushion is built following the AAT SHAPE MIODELLING SYSTEM, relieving pressure and maintaining shape. The upper section of the cushion is multi-layered composite foam. The shape and properties of the foam ensure improved seating comfort. The whole is completed by a cover made of air-permeable MembraMED material, impermeable to fluids. This allows us to achieve high level of comfort, and maintain cleanness and proper skin respiration.
Option to model the wedge.
Option to raise one of the hips.
Regulation of the angle of the hip joint.

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