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How to deal with “common parts”- particularly stairways, and who is responsible for funding alterations- without it adversely impacting other tenants in the building?

Social housing landlords face a growing problem.

The majority of their tenants:

– have a long term impairment

– do not have the adaptations they need(1)

– housing stock is increasingly (35+% and growing(2)) flats.

We have an answer that offers best value for all involved.

Where appropriate, provision of a stairclimber enables the impaired person to get out of their home, up and down stairs safely, with dignity, without any permanent fixture that obstructs the stairway for other users.

In essence, a portable kinematic, battery-powered device that ascends or descends steps, at a rate set and controlled by the operator, our stairclimber will execute 300 steps from one charge.

Versions include integral seats, clip-to-wheelchair, and tracked. It can be accessorised to provide safeguarded, personalised correct postural support.

When not in use, it folds compactly away.

A stairclimber delivers compliance with the Equality Act Section 36.

It can also eliminate the need for DFG funding. It can enable the Housing Association to safeguard and mobilise tenants within a matter of days, whether for the short- or long-term, and manage the risk of their accessing all areas of their home and the community.

Use of the equipment means the tenant is no longer trapped in their flat, or on one level of their house. It also means no other residents are restricted in their use of the stairs.

It also addresses efficient evacuation with changes to the Building Safety Act coming into force in 2023.

As an added benefit, when the original tenant no longer needs it, the stairclimber can be allocated to another tenant anywhere else within the Association’s stock, without any need for structural modifications or making good.

Further, as part of the offering, we can train a nominated person within the Association to undertake the stairclimber issue process or manage it on the Association’s behalf. We will service the equipment in line with LOLER requirements.

“Stairs are one of the most common areas that require adaptation.

“But 35+% of social rented households are flats, with all the issues of enabling ALL tenants to safely get in and out of their homes- and the building.

“Our stairclimbers are proven in 90+% of cases in which we are involved to be the answer to overcoming the barrier of stairs, managing risk, improving safety, and enhancing dignity and independence. 

“They are proven to have an impeccable safety record, and, with thousands of units already in use by local authorities across the country, a trusted, safe, unintrusive option.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

For a demonstration of the equipment, or free, no obligation review of a tenant’s suitability by one of our assessment managers, click the link:, email or telephone 01978 821875.



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