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About AATGB [+]
Powered stairclimbers, wheelchair stair climbers and ad-on power for manual wheelchairs by AATGB. The Stairclimber People AAT provide safe reliable and innovative solutions for transporting persons with disability up and down stairs. With the revolutionary S-Max powered stairclimber narrow, or even spiral staircases present no problem for wheelchair users, the S-Max Aviation version can even get passengers to their seat on a passenger plane. Cargo Stairclimbers are also available from AAT, The Stair Climber People, with specialist adaptations for the White Goods, Beverage and Copier industries. The Cargomaster Multifunctional Vario stairclimber can be used for both passengers and cargo, the Cargomaster Multifunctional Vario stairclimber is ideal for hotels, residential and nursing homes, public buildings, and other public places. AAT The Stairclimber People even supply fitted stair lifts for curved or straight staircases. We really do it all... Call AAT today on 01978 821875 for a free demo of any kit you want to see. close [-]
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Click the images above to find out more about each product category. Recently AAT were interviewed at Nadex by Help-My-Mobility, watch the interview here.

AAT at Nadex with Peter and Mala...

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Powered Stairclimbers, Hire, Wheelchair Stair Climber and Mobility Stair Chair

Wheelchair Add-on Kits, Vacuum Posture Cushions, AAT, The Powered Stairclimber People

Powered stair climbers, Electric Powered Robot Stairclimbers and Add-on Power Units for manual Wheelchairs... AAT, The Powered Stair climber People are specialists in providing personalised disability access and social inclusion solutions to Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, end-users, and the general public. AAT have powered stairclimbers for cargo and mobility stair chair available for hire. Take a look at some of our specialist equipment (below).

S-Max Aviation Version C-Max U2, Ambulance Version Paediatrics AAT Gravity Chair

Powered stairclimbers, portable powered stair climbers providing solutions for handling both people and cargo up and down stairs. As The Stairclimber People AAT GB provide sales and service for powered stair climbers and other portable stair lift devices, as well as help with disabled access issues; we can also provide information on the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). AAT GB are the distributors of the Amazon stair walker for use in the Airline and Airport industry.

FREE demonstrations are available in-home, at your place of work, etc. You're under no obligation to buy ...but we're sure you'll love what our kit can do!

Our devices are providing solutions in a wide variety of conditions and circumstances including rheumatism, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, spina bifida, parkinsons, MND, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, amputee and for senior citizens. more

Stairclimbers, Robot Wheelchairs by AAT (Alber Antriebstechnik) The Powered Stairclimber People can help with... spiral staircases, help with steps, egress spirals, spiral, evacuation escape, stairclimbers, stair climbers, powered Stairclimbers carry upstairs,ambulance, mobile chair lifts, portable stairclimbers, portable stair climbers, mobile stairclimbers, mobile stair climbers, battery powered mobile stair climber, battery powered mobile stairclimber, wheelchair stair climber, wheelchair stairclimbers, wheelchair carriers, wheelchair carrying stair climber, wheelchair carrying stairclimber, battery powered wheelchair carriers, add-on power units for wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, chairlift, stairlifts, stair lift, wheelchairs, Emergency Evacuation Chairs, Evac Chairs, Evacuation chairs, mobility stairclimbers, portable stair lifts, Evacuation, stairclimber, stairclimbing, Stairway, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, emergency evacuation chair, disabled lifts, public access lifts, Stairway Escape, Dynamic Seating, Posture Cushions, and much more.

AAT are manufacturers of: Aviation | Aircraft, Ambulance Version, Emergency Evacuation, Paediatrics, Safe Environments, Social Inclusion, Multifunctional Vario, C-Max U1, C-Max +, S-Max, S-Max SELLA, Super-Track Major, max 2, max-e, movilino, solo, V-Max, V-Max+, CargoMaster, CargoMaster Vario, BeerMaster Stairclimber, CopierMaster Stairclimber, FridgeMaster Stairclimber, CargoMaster A350, Cargomaster C400, CargoMaster Stacker, Multifunctional Vario-Max

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