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Case study: cushion delivers a grand(e) nights’ sleep


The Barton family had been subjected to sleep deprivation every night for five years. No more, thanks to our revolutionary posture cushion.

Young Logan has numerous disabilities which affect his digestive, respiratory, nephrology, immunity and neurological systems.

The diversity makes finding equipment to support him difficult, as what alleviates one issue may exacerbate another. 

For more than five years, Logan has suffered from chronic sleep difficulties, now diagnosed as a combination of several related breathing disorders, obstructed breathing and sleep apnoeas.

His mother Wendy would have to sit and hold him upright for hours to help his airway, a situation made worse by his low muscle tone. 

The prescribed sleep system was complex: with Logan’s hypermobility, low muscle tone and intermittent dystonic episodes, he would simply ‘break free’ from the positioning cushions and restraints. The hook-and-loop straps would wake him and cause sensory overload. No other alternatives were suggested.

A Grand(e) discovery

With Logan’s independent physiotherapist, the family began researching sleep systems, and discovered our Grande mattress.

Wendy requested our free, no obligation assessment: in the initial demonstration, Logan snuggled down and fell asleep as soon as he was laid onto it. 

The family immediately purchased one; we loaned them the demonstration model for Logan’s profiling bed whilst their own was manufactured and delivered.

How it works

Made from an advanced breathable and washable neoprene, our Grande mattress is in essence a rectangular bean bag.

Easily precisely moulded to the shape needed, the caregiver can- at home- fix the contours by removing the air inside with an easy to operate electric pump.

This precisely supports the child or adult without pressure points. 

Using this process, the Grande can be quickly adjusted or re-shaped as required: Wendy refines Logan’s Grande shape every few days to change his position and dips a corner to create a wall to secure his feeding pump.

“a huge bonus”

 “It can be very frustrating for parents as sleep is so very important, especially for children who are medically complex and need their rest to simply give them strength to keep fighting their battles.

“The vicious circle of lack of sleep, extreme tiredness and worsening symptoms is often overlooked and not appreciated. Notwithstanding the huge impact that sleep deprivation has on parent carers, especially those like us whose children require 24/7 care. 

“Logan still wakes when he’s in pain and we therefore still have some unsettled nights, but his obstructed breathing has significantly improved since using the Grande Mattress.

“The mattress fits into his profiling cot bed and we can still use the profiling without any difficulties. Despite Logan’s sensory difficulties, the pump operation doesn’t cause him any problems.

“The ‘hollowness’ of the Grande allows vibrations and sounds to reverberate through the mattress which Logan founds soothing. 

“The Grande can be moulded onto the sofa, or into a chair: it’s a huge bonus when equipment can have a dual purpose.”

mum Wendy

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