How to improve postural support for #specialneeds

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How do you keep a client with a disability/ special needs, who has body asymmetry or muscle weakness, correctly, properly supported, and comfortable, 24/7?

Our Chilli Bean orthopaedic seat ( is the answer.

Chilli Bean posture cushion

It revolutionises the established bean seat concept.

Once the user is initially comfortably positioned, the care-giver uses a vacuum pump to remove internal air to create a semi-permanent support perfectly moulded to the individual’s exact, correct stabilisation requirements.

Infinitely re-mouldable, at home, in minutes

Unlike alternative bean seats, Chilli Bean can be infinitely and precisely re-moulded and shaped- at home, by the care-giver.

Client comfort can be maintained despite daily variations in need, be it a minute adjustment in shape or firmness to a total re-shape. And comfort can be restored within minutes, on the spot.

Chilli Bean is way to remould and re-shape (with training)

More than just a seat…

Chilli Bean seat is manufactured from a specialised neoprene. The surface itself provides sensory stimulation, and the structure of the seat means it can be accessorised to provide additional sensory vibratory stimulation. The waterproof neoprene can also be wiped clean to maintain a hygienic safe environment.

“Chilli Bean is a revolution in postural support systems. Anyone who works with children and adults with physical limitations knows that what suits in terms of positioning one day may not work the next. The infinite, at home variability of Chilli Bean make an appropriate, reasonable proposition for any healthcare professional needing postural seating for clients with physical or mental disabilities.”

Free, no obligation assessments for Chilli Bean (and AAT’s complete range of daily living aids) can be booked by clicking the button on our home page or by going straight to

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