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How to Enhance Accessibility & Independent Living


With 22% of the population(1) now disabled and the growing demand for social housing, AAT GB is highlighting a rapid way for Housing Associations to help disabled tenants.

girl uses stairclimber to safely move man upstairs
using a stairclimber can manage the risk of stair transfer without Grant funding

Now, more than 50% of tenants have a long term illness and impairment with a similar number who need an adaptation not having it(2).

The most common reported impairments affect mobility, lifting or carrying.(3).

AAT’s top-selling and Class 1 Medical Device certified S-Max stairclimber delivers an almost immediate way to enable a tenant with reduced mobility- whether a short- or long-term limitation- to safely transfer up, down almost any stairs or steps.

Thus, every home be it flat (some 20% of housing stock) or house, can become accessible without impact on common parts.

The battery-powered, German-engineered unit is available in two versions, one which fixes to a wheelchair, one with an integral seat.

how it works

Operated by the carer, the mobile unit safely moves its passenger up, down stairs and onward. It is not fixed in any way to the building fabric. 

Thus it optimises risk management by reducing or eliminating transfers at the top of stairs, and eliminates impairment of the stairway for other users. 

The portability of the S-Max also means there is no delay for DFG funding, survey nor installation. A safe solution for the tenant can be effected within days.

AAT’s offering

AAT’s assessment managers will support the Association in the specification, train the care giver in the machine’ safe operation (to LOLER criteria.

The company further offers service & maintenance of the unit. To help housing managers understand the relevance of a stairclimber, AAT also provides free demonstrations, and can train designated team members in on-going safe tenant assessment.

When the S-Max is no longer needed by the original recipient, it can be re-allocated to another tenant.

stairclimber attached to a wheelchair

“The core criterium of the most basic level of accessible homes (Category 1, Building Regulations Approved Document M) is that ‘reasonable provision should be made for people to gain access to, and use, the dwelling and its facilities.

“Our S-Max stairclimber offers a best value solution to compliance with the reassurance of an impeccable safety record built up over 20 years.”

Peter Wingrave AAT Director

Full details of the S-Max stairclimber can be found at, where a free, no obligation assessment can also be booked.


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