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Our 30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels, is stimulating new, wider opportunities: we are now looking to expand our field sales and technical support teams by some 50%.

Katie Harries is loving her new stairclimber
Katie loves her new S-Max stairclimber

“Customer service, and specifically the speed with which we respond to requests for our input, is fundamental to our business- and our success.We have built the company over the past 20 years on our ability to be with the client within 15 working days, and expedite a safe resolution to the barrier of stairs that minimises risk potentially almost immediately (subject to T&Cs, stores stock), and often for less than £1000! This is compared to £multi-thousand cost and delay of the weeks- or even months- of alternative options.

Peter Wingrave AAT Director

“Our team is working at optimum capacity to continue to deliver that high level of customer satisfaction. But we know we can be even better, especially as demand continues to grow, hence our decision to increase the support team so significantly.”

Details of our range of equipment and support for Occupational Therapists can be found on here: www.aatgb.com.

Anyone interested in joining the expanding field teams can email Peter Wingrave (peter.wingrave@aatgb.com) with their CV.

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