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The ability to achieve correct, safe, supported seating for children and adults with severe and complex disabilities is being taken to new levels.

We’ve launched a raft of accessories to make life better for both users and their carers/support teams.

The accessories all function with our unique Gravity Chair foam positioning system that provides a stable, supported, non-restrictive environment that calms and reduces tension simply by using the natural forces of gravity.

The additions mean you can precisely and easily configure the innovative seat to adjust the depth, width and height of the seat to individual physique.

Abduction pommels, ottomans and therapy tables mean you can personalise the chair to each person using it and their specific needs.  

The new options compliment the existing accessories which include wedges, rockers and storage side pockets.

We’ve designed the accessories to enable the care team to alter the set-up quickly and easily- especially useful in multi-user environments- and build on Gravity Chair’s reputation for being much more than “just a chair”.

Our Gravity Chair is winning increasing traction with Occupational Therapists for its proven, tangible ability to improve behaviour and interaction with children and adult with motor and sensory difficulties. 

The deep, inclined seat provides a low centre of gravity to naturally encourage a stable seating position. High arm rests support the elbows forward helping reduce muscle tension in the shoulders and enabling fine motor control activities.

Snug lateral supports help maintain seated symmetry. 

The structure of the seat allows muscle contortion to be accommodated without putting the occupant at risk. It helps alleviate discomfort from spasm and involuntary movement, providing a safe and non-restrictive seating option to ease deformities and contractures.  

The ‘hugging’ shape of the chair helps reduce anxiety and distractibility.

The high arms can enhance fine motor control activities.

“To engage all children need to be comfortable above everything else. Children who require supportive seating spend many hours strapped in functional seats and wheelchairs using harnesses or chest straps.  The Gravity Chair can give them seating away from all that. I find it is great for helping improve posture, and to calm and regulate.”

Clare Mason, Children’s Occupational Therapist @ Sefton Carers Centre/ Alderhey 

Full details, and opportunity to book a free, no obligation trial of the Gravity Chair and its accessories are available on our website:

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