Why the Grande Armadilo?

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Why the Grande Armadilo?

 Parents or carers often use the Stabilo Grande mattress for long-term lying or even sleeping. Unfortunately lying in the same body position for many hours on the mattress can become uncomfortable, since a good support equals a hard surface – resulting in the possible development of bed sores. That is the reason for which we designed a new pressure-relief comfortable mattress. The Grande Armadillo. more

How the Grande Armadilo works:

The alternating pressure technology gives the best results in bed sores prevention. It allows for shifting supporting areas and pressure level. The pump inflates and deflates the air – the supporting areas change all the time and as a result bed sores don’t occur. Choose between soft and hard versions – even when the bubbles are hard, a person lays on a big surface in comfort. The body is continuously and regularly massaged. The temperature on the surface of the mattress equals room temperature. So instead of 36.6 °C (body temperature) we can achieve ap. 23 °C which also helps to protect against the development of bed sores. more

grande-armadilo-1 grande-armadilo-2


  • For people with bed sores or risk of bed sores.
  • For persons who lay for long periods in one position.
  • for people with poor blood circulation.


  • Reduces pressure.
  • Supports in proper blood circulation.
  • lowers temperature of the surface adjacent to the body from 36.6 °C to room temp. (approx 23 °C).


  • It can be used as an insert to put on the mattress for lying down:
    • At home…
    • In hospital…
    • In rehabilitation centre.

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