Taking steps to help speed up adaptations

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Introducing a new way to support adaptation delivery teams to cut delay in adaptations- to a matter of days! 

It is achieved by prescription, where appropriate, an AAT S-Max stairclimber with Universal Back.

The Class I Medical Device certified stairclimber manages the risk of navigating stairs, without the delay and disruption of installing a stairlift, through-floor lift.

The addition of the Universal Back to the S-Max Sella stairclimber means each “passenger” is correctly positioned and secure during the transfer process. The Universal Back can easily adapt to their requirements as their condition changes.

And it can adjust to another user in the future. 

A solution in days

That result is achievable in a matter of days: the combination of S-Max and Universal Back can be delivered to the client within a working week of receipt of order.

The speed of delivery is complimented by AAT’s assessment managers, who endeavour to be with the client, and undertake the free, no obligation assessment, within 10 working days.

“Someone’s ability to navigate stairs in one of the most common issues requiring an adaptation or delaying hospital discharge,” observes Peter Wingrave, AAT Director. “Our S-Max/Universal Back combo is, where appropriate, a viable, practical solution. 

“It can be delivered within a working week of order, with full training given.

“It requires no structural alteration to the home, nor installation.

“If/when no longer needed, it can be taken into stores and re-issued- expediating another adaptation without the need for grant funding.

” It can help prevent future admission/re-admission, by reducing the risk of a fall on the stairs- one of the top home hazards.

“With the current, and ongoing pressure on NHS and social care services, surely it makes sense, where reasonable and practical, to make use of such resources?”

Further details of the AAT S-Max and Universal Back can be found here: 

Further details can be found here:


or by emailing sales@aatgb.com, calling 01978 821875.

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