Take steps to enable hospital discharge and reduce pressure on social care

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With the inevitable increase in hospital admissions come winter, there IS a way to help facilitate hospital discharge and reduce pressure on social care.

Latest data(1) shows a 57% increase in beds occupied by patients who were medically fit for discharge- some 13,000 beds, equating to £5.2million/night(2)

Where their mobility is a factor in discharge delay, use of re-allocatable equipment such as an S-Max stairclimber could be the answer(3).

The S-Max is certified to help you overcome the barrier of steps and stairs
Our S-Max is Class 1 Medical Device classified, proven to help overcome injury or handicap at home

The unit safely transfers someone up, down stairs- and beyond, without any need for structural surveys, installation.

It means the patient can access the bedroom, bathroom, toilet safely without any disruption, alteration, impediment to daily household life. S-Max has a proven and unrivalled safety record, stretching back 20+ years, with thousands now in daily use.

Our S-Max can be quickly re-allocated/recycled/re-prescribed/re-issued to someone else in need. This avoids the delay inherent in funding application, installation. All that is needed is an hour or so to train the care giver(s) in its safe operation (to LOLER requirements).

In this way, several patients can be supported and their discharge achieved quickly from just one piece of equipment- and for £1000/person or less!(4)

Most local authorities already have at least one on their books. 

All that is required is a realisation by healthcare teams of the role S-Max can play in hospital discharge where patient mobility is a limiting factor, beyond its perception as part of a home adaptation.

Further details of S-Max, including how it works videos and booking of a free, no obligation assessment can be found here: https://www.aatgb.com/s-max/.


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