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A new study(1) has found 70% of adults say their elderly parents are now more wiling to consider the use of preventative care technology to maintain independence at home.

National mobility provider AAT GB says its Sit n Stand seat raiser is the perfect solution, that empowers elderly loved ones to easily sit and stand without having to buy any new furniture. Because it makes the process effortless, they also potentially become more mobile and active around the home.

Being in essence a cushion with a back, Sit n Stand is discreet, and means they can carry on using their favourite comfy chair, safely, instead of having to replace it with a riser recliner, standing frame, or other obvious aid, or continue unaided and risk falling.

The Sit n Stand device can be used on any chair or sofa with a back, and requires no special fixing. Battery powered, it is easy to operate, with just two buttons- one for up, one for down. A push of the control button inflates the base cushion to gently and steadily raise one to standing. A push of the ‘down’ button then smoothly deflates the cushion to lower one back to sitting. Each cycle takes as little as 25 seconds.

Lightweight- just 3.5kg- and portable, Sit n Stand can even be moved from one seat to another as required. The rechargable battery stores sufficient power to execute up to 90 inflation rounds, more than enough to last most people a week of activity. The cushion cover is zip- fastened and machine washable.

“The study found that 7 out of 10 adults believed their elderly parents are now open to having preventative care technology in their homes, especially if it is non intrusive and helps maintain independence,” says AAT Sales Director Peter Wingrave.

“I know from experience how our loved ones resist having anything they think makes them- or their home- look like they’re disabled or struggling. At  last, there is an effective, affordable aid to independence and activity, that people actually enjoy using! My own father, who has arthritis of the spine, now has a Sit n Stand, and says he gets more done in a day, and he is less tired, because it is so easy to get up and down. He’s living a better, more independent life. I’m not worrying that he’s stuck sat in a chair all day because he struggles to stand on his own.”

To see for yourself how Sit n Stands works here, or book a free, no obligation assessment, visit https://www.aatgb.com/mobility-riser-recliner-chairs-alternative/.

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