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How to make sitting comfortable…plus more!


Sitting: we spend at least a third of the day doing it, even if we are able(1). If limited in mobility, long periods sat can at least cause discomfort, at worst lead to pressure sores.

Get Comfortable…Plus…

Yet simple prescription of an infinitely variable, vacuum posture cushion- AAT’s Comfortable Plus (with or without optional Base)- can easily eliminate discomfort in any chair or wheelchair. 

It does more too: transferred to other equipment, it can open the door to trying a raft of activities- aquatherapy, sailing, canoeing, ski-boarding, sand buggying, sledging to name a few.

Comfortable Plus is essentially a bean bag that can be fixed into shape to support and stabilise the head and torso without pressure points, thereby effectively reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Once moulded to the contours required, air within is extracted via pump to fix the “beans” into shape. The process means it can be quickly and easily adjusted, at home by a trained carer, to accommodate finite adjustments to comfort, whether on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

As a result, it plays a strong role in effective reduction of the risk of pressure sores.

The optional Base can be similarly moulded to provide the required stabilisation to hips and pelvis. It even allows formation of a pommel.

Every day practicality

Made from an advanced neoprene material, Comfortable Plus is waterproof and can be wiped clean to address spills or maintain hygiene. 

The design of the AAT Comfortable Plus means it can be easily transferred to any seat, whether a conventional chair or wheelchair- or beyond. It has been used to enable disabled clients to to relax in the bath (with AAT’s Aqua Liberty system), or beyond- to enjoy ski boarding, a raft of water sports, karting- any activity that involves a seated position.

“Comfortable Plus is a revolution in postural support systems.

Anyone who cares for or works with children and adults with physical limitations knows that what suits in terms of positioning one day may not work the next.

The infinite, at home variability of Comfortable Plus and its diversity of use make it an appropriate, reasonable proposition for any healthcare professional needing postural seating for clients with physical or mental disabilities. 

The fact it has infinite seating support uses beyond purely sitting at home is an added bonus: it enables wider participation in life and extends a client’s scope of experiences, helping their overall health and wellbeing.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

How to get one

AAT’s nationwide team of assessment managers are trained to support healthcare professionals in undertaking postural assessments, free of charge and with no obligation. As part of the purchase process AAT will train care-givers in appropriate adjustment of Comfortable Plus. As the system can be wiped clean, it can be taken into equipment stores if/when no longer needed, and re-issued, thereby delivering further positive amortisation and optimisation of care budgets.

To find out more about Comfortable Plus, and book a free, no obligation assessment, click the link:

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