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For one mum, the potential danger in carrying her son up and down stairs is no longer an issue.

She has a revolutionary combination of equipment to help achieve the transfer, safely, for the long term.

complex special needs

Fred(*), now aged 8, has global development delay and epilepsy. As a result, he has no mobility and is totally dependant on adults for all of his transfers.

Getting up and down stairs in the family home is achieved easily, effortlessly and safely, using an AAT S-Max stairclimber.

Regular appraisal by his Occupational Therapy team has meant the equipment has continued to support Fred, even as his requirements have changed.

mobility achieved

Class 1 medical device classified, the S-Max https://www.aatgb.com/s-max/ can either incorporate a seat, replicating the support of a wheelchair, or be attached to most common types of wheelchair.

The battery-powered unit smoothly kinetically moves up and down stairs, safely transferring the patient from one level to another- and onward to destination, executing 300 steps from one battery charge.

The rate of movement is completely controlled by the operator, who receives full training from AAT as part of the assessment and provision process.

When not in use, the S-Max can be folded away optimising living space for all members of the household.

solution that grows with him

Universal Back
The revolutionary new universal back designed specifically to work with AAT stairclimbers, adds a new level of support where required.

Originally prescribed with a car seat when Fred was a toddler, the S-Max has now been fitted with AAT’s innovative Universal Back (https://www.aatgb.com/s-max/#section-154-78) to accommodate growth from a toddler into childhood.

The Universal Back can be precisely adjusted for lateral and vertical, forward and backward support, and even accommodate thoracic asymmetry. Harnessing provides further support if necessary.

Thus, the combination will continue to support Fred as he grows into adulthood.

“Short-term solution” delivers answer for life

“It was only meant as a short-term solution, but we’ve had it at least three years already!” comments mum Jane(*).

The layout of our home and stairs means it was difficult to fit a stairlift or through-floor lift. The stairclimber is really important, particularly as Fred has grown and become too big to carry.

He has seizures: even if he has one whilst I am moving him up or down the stairs, I know he is safe, I just pause the stairclimber until the fit has passed.

The stairclimber’s very easy for me to use, I know I can move him safely, and that he is properly supported.

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AAT is the only national provider of stairclimbers and support equipment. Its nationwide team of specialists can work alongside the Occupational Therapist to assess- free of charge, and with appropriate health & safety measures- the suitability of a stairclimber for the property, the client, and their carer(s).  

AAT can manage the whole process, from specification of any additional accessories if needed, supply of the equipment, and training of the carer who will operate the climber, ensuring a correct and safe solution.

To book a free, no obligation assessment click: https://www.aatgb.com/booking-form/

A piece of mobility equipment is so transforming life for severely disabled Daniel that he’s now even able to enjoy family holidays!

The Bostock family is in receipt of a Sella stairclimber(https://www.aatgb.com/paediatric-powered-mobility-stairclimbers/), issued to them from stock in equipment stores and accessorised to his specific needs. It means that four years old Daniel, who requires round-the-clock care, can now be easily transferred between levels of the family home- and beyond- even on a family holiday to the mountains of Scotland, and irrespective of which of his care team is with him.

“brilliant bit of equipment”

“The stairclimber’s a brilliant bit of equipment. It’s meant we can make it a really full life for Daniel,” explained mother Jodie.

“On a practical level, because of his health issues Daniel requires 24-hour care. The stairclimber is so easy, everyone can use it- whether it’s Daniels’s dad who is 6ft 3ins to his smallest carer who’s only 4ft 11 ins. Crucially, it supports and holds Daniel safely and correctly. It just works for us.”

Brain injured at birth, Daniel requires round-the-clock care support for his condition: he has Cerebral Palsy and a gastrostomy, his back arches, his legs do not bend but his body exerts strong movement and his muscle pattern changes through the day. Big for his age, Daniel had reached the point where it was no longer safe nor practical to carry him up and down stairs.

A new Occupational Therapist to the family was aware of AAT stairclimbers, and that Doncaster Council held some as stock items in equipment stores. Our Technical Director Gareth Brown jointly assessed the family and care team, to determine the suitability of a stairclimber for Daniel and all involved in his care. One of the Authority’s stock AAT S-Max Sella units was re-issued to Daniel, fitted with a tilt-in-space seat to match his specific needs in terms of size and support. We trained Daniel’s whole care team in safe use of the unit as part of the assessment package.

How it works

The Medical Device Class 1 rated S-Max Sella is purpose-designed with a compact turning circle to accommodate almost every type of staircase, including bends, and turns, and narrow flights. The battery-operated kinetic machine smoothly powers up and down stairs or steps, accommodating 300 steps from one charge. Integrated anti-tilt means it cannot be tipped over, and automatic braking ensures complete control throughout the step process. 

A high balance point means you need little effort to manouevre it. The handle is fully adjustable to whatever height is comfortable for you. Rate of climb can also be set to that comfortable for operator and passenger.

When not in use, you can fold the Sella compactly away, minimising disruption and interference with daily living for the household.

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The S-Max Sella is part of AAT’s range of stairclimbers that can be uniquely accessorised to each client’s needs. This can be via the revolutionary Universal Back or individual components to deliver the exact postural support and security needed. This diversity of range has established AAT as the UK’s #1 national provider of stairclimbers, with thousands in regular use in almost every local authority in Britain.AAT is further unique among stairclimber provision in offering free, no obligation assessment, training and servicing of its equipment. Assessments can be booked by visiting 

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