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Safe, fast adaptations, for less than £1000: we explain how


In the ongoing battle to reduce delay in home adaptations, and minimising risk for clients whilst their application is processed, AAT GB is highlighting how the barrier of stairs can be overcome- for under £1000.

S-Max Stairclimber SDM7 Wheelchair
S-Max Stairclimber SDM7 Wheelchair

The safe, quick fix is to better utilise equipment often already to hand, which assessors may not even be aware of. 

Re-issue of an AAT stairclimber from stores can be affected within days.

It requires no installation.

It enables inter-floor transfer to be undertaken safely, minimising risk in alternative methods of transferring someone up and down stairs.

It eliminates the need for re-organisation of the home with all its associated impact on other members of the household (such as moving a bed downstairs).

It enables everyone else in the home to still fully utilise the space without impediment.

As standard with an integral seat, options area available that attach to a wheelchair, further minimising risk and transfers.

All it takes is just a hour or so to train the carer, and for an AAT assessment manager to ensure the stairclimber is precisely set for operator comfort and safe support of the client.

And in these days of rising energy bills, the battery powered S-Max can deliver 300 steps from one charge of the battery.

With thousands of its stairclimbers already sold to local authorities across the country, AAT is confident the concept of re-issue can have a dramatic impact on reducing waiting lists where stairs are the issue- according to NHS data(1), dealing with stairs is listed as the first change required to the home.

““Providing a stairclimber from stores is a win:win option. It minimises the risk of stairs within days, instead of the weeks or months of alternative inter-floor transfer methods. Thus, hospital discharge can be expediated more efficiently. Risk for someone at home is managed and minimised. Fall prevention is optimised.

“In our 15+ years of experience, our stairclimbers can deliver the answer in 90+% of scenarios, addressing almost every stair configuration and so easy to use even the smallest carer can effortlessly and safely move even a bariatric adult. With our pioneering Universal Back support system, the stairclimber can provide all the support and harnessing requirements too, meaning one stairclimber can fit all.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

The availability of our stairclimbers is now so widespread that our assessment managers  now as a matter of course supply Occupational Therapists with a quote for a new and a re-issued stairclimber, alongside their comprehensive clinical notes and prescription.

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