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Take a seat to engage autistic children and young adults


For almost 3m people(1), daily life can be traumatic, because they are- or living with someone who is- autistic. 

How do you reduce the trauma, and create a calming environment to address an autistic or behavioural episode? 

The answer can be as simple as a chair….

AAT’s innovative Gravity Chair aka Gravity Positioning System is scientifically designed and clinically proven to help channel a feeling of safety, security, stability and wellbeing.

It provides a positive intervention for children and young adults with autism and other complex needs. 

“Assessments with children with needs is fantastic.  

“Children who are constantly ‘on the go’ come into clinic and try the seat- often it is the first time that parents have seen their child sit and settle in one place for any length of time.

“It enables them to sit and focus on toys they like or books etc.  

“Often these children do not like to be strapped in or restrained, so the Gravity Chair allows them to get in and out of the seat on their terms.

“When children feel safe, secure and comfortable their muscle tone relaxes, allowing them to focus and enjoy play activities.  

“They may still require support, but to engage all children need to be comfortable above everything else.  

“Children who require supportive seating spend many hours strapped in functional seats and wheelchairs using harnesses or chest straps.  

“The Gravity Chair can give them seating away from all that, with only a lap strap required.”

Clare Mason, Children’s Occupational Therapist @ Sefton Carers Centre/ Alderhey Liverpool

More than just a chair…

“It might look like a simple chair, but it’s much more. We are absolutely over the moon at the difference this chair has made.”

Michele McCafferty, Occupational Therapist @ Percy Hedley Foundation’s Northern Counties School

How it works:

Gravity Chair looks like a normal soft seat; its foam configuration of a low centre of gravity with high arm rests and snug-fitting lateral supports provides good postural alignment with gentle pressure to control hyper-activity, to calm and regulate.

The Gravity Chair design helps alleviate discomfort from spasm and involuntary movement, providing a safe and non-restrictive seating option to ease deformities and contractures. I

ts ‘hugging’ shape helps reduce anxiety and distractibility. Its high arms can enhance fine motor control activities. An optional tilt in space wedge can finitely adjust the Chair’s orientation to gain a more aligned posture when deformities or contractures are present. 

On a practical level, it is lightweight so easy to move around as needed. Covers are removable and wipeable. The sitting surface is incontinence resistant. 

AAT’s nationwide team of sales managers are trained to support healthcare professionals in undertaking postural assessments, free of charge and with no obligation. 

To find out more about Gravity Chair, and book a free, no obligation assessment, click the link:




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