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Case study: step change in accessibility at Edinburgh Castle


Historic Environment Scotland is improving accessibility- and safe evacuation- at Edinburgh Castle, without any structural work, disruption nor cost. 

It now has 3no. of AAT’s C-Max stairclimbers at strategic points around Edinburgh Castle- Scotland’s most popular tourist attraction. 

Further, the team has taken advantage of AAT’s customer support initiative, to train not just current staff in how to use the mobility aid to relevant (LOLER) requirements, but also educating two staff to teach new team members of the stairclimber’s safe operation.

AAT also provides regular servicing & maintenance support.

AAT’s C-Max ( utilises battery-powered patented kinematic technology with a seat and frame to smoothly transfer the person- irrespective of the size/weight- between levels at a consistent speed set and controlled by the operator.

It can accommodate almost any staircase design, even narrow or spiral. It can undertake 300 steps from a single charge of the battery. It folds away when not in use, removing risk of obstruction for mobile, ambulant visitors.

Thus the C-Max enables Edinburgh Castle- and many other historic buildings- to achieve optimum safety and compliance with the Equality Act and Health & Safety considerations in evacuation scenarios.

“By having the three AAT stairclimbers, we have uniformity and consistency throughout the site, so staff know how to use the equipment wherever.

“It is reassuring to know that our less mobile visitors have appropriate support to exit the Castle if needed. Fortunately, to my knowledge, we have never had to use them in an emergency.”

Historic Environment Scotland District Works Manager Ronald Archibald.

Edinburgh Castle ( is just one of numerous public facilities across the UK making use of AAT’s technology to optimise accessibility and overcome the barriers of differing levels, steps and stairs.

Since AAT launched its range of stairclimbers in the UK 15 years ago, it has built an unrivalled reputation with an impeccable safety record. Find out more about the range of AAT stairclimbers here:
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