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AAT easily transportable stairclimber & seating systems provide full, quick release interface system compatible with most recline and tilt in space systems. Full interface with most systems to promote full and active participation with family and friends at home, school, work or out and about by enabling easy switching between wheelchair, buggy and stairclimber…

AAT ranges of Stairclimbers | Vacuum Posture Cushions | Gravity Chair products represent low-cost, immediate and effective management solutions for children at home, at school or out and about providing an almost infinite range of seating systems as well as a postural range of alternatives and easily variable solutions to evolve with potential needs or to re-issue at a moments’ notice.

The S-Max Sella stair climber provides a fully integrated, transportable paediatric system bringing benefits in a wide range of conditions and circumstances including autismrheumatismarthritismuscular dystrophycystic fibrosiscerebral palsystrokespina bifidaparkinsonsMNDmultiple sclerosisspinal injuryamputee and for senior citizens.

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