Stairclimbers’ increasingly to “go to” answer for overcoming mobility

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30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels.

We delighted to report a 30+% growth for 2021/22, up against both the previous year and exceeding pre-Covid levels.

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director, maintains the growth in popularity is due to a number of elements.

Key benefits are the speed with which the core product- the stairclimber- can be put in place to address safe inter-level transfer for people with reduced mobility:

– the quality of product and service

-the added value a stairclimber brings to the assisted living product portfolio available to Occupational Therapists.

– an accepted tool for ambulance crews to quickly and safely transfer patients.

-speed of delivery of an adaptation that is low cost but yields big results

Further, the company’s highly skilled managers support OTs in expediating assessments, and managing delivery of the outcome, including setting up the stairclimber to exactly support each user as necessary, training the care giver and servicing the unit.

“In the early days 20 years ago, stairclimbers were used relatively infrequently by Occupational Therapists in mobility situations. Now OTs are appreciating the potential for speed of delivery, cost, scope and safety compared to other solutions, especially with literally thousands in service and/or available via Equipment Stores, and the quality of service delivered by our team 

“In the constant battle of cost and speed of delivery, we now enjoy a position where a large proportion of cases with which we are involved are resolved for under £1000. This is being achieved by capitalising on the opportunity to re-issue, and using the array of harnessing and accessories to allow each re-issue to be tailor made for its user, quickly. This also minimises significant risk to clients by cost- efficiently- and within a matter of days- providing a safe, proven means of getting up and down stairs, that will work in almost every appropriate scenario. That combination is just not achievable with any other method of addressing inter-level transfer, and we are grateful for the care community’s appreciation of the value we can bring,” says Director Peter Wingrave

Find out more about the full range of stairclimbers here:

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