Stair safety- how to manage risk without Grant funding

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Help with stairs is one of the most common scenarios faced by adaptations professionals. The client and their care support can all be supported, safe transfer addressed and risk managed without the cost and delay of Grant funding.

girl uses stairclimber to safely move man upstairs
using a stairclimber can manage the risk of stair transfer without Grant funding


AAT’s top-selling battery-powered, mobile Class 1 Medical device the S-Max stairclimber requires no installation or structural fixing nor modification.

Thus- as specified in the DFG Guidance section 2.30(1)– its provision can be covered by minor adaptations from social services. The time and delay involved in applying for Disabled Facilities Grant funding is eliminated. 

The S-Max expediates a person-centred approach, enabling the client to remain at home without disruption to daily/family life.

Prescribing an AAT S-Max potentially expediates a dual-purpose safe transfer/fall prevention option.

The solution has even better use of budgets: with thousands already sold to local authorities over the past 20 years, there may be one already in Community Equipment Stores. This can be re-issued within days.

what is a stairclimber?

The battery-powered S-Max smoothly and kinematically ascends and descends steps and stairs. It can be fitted to a wheelchair or be supplied with an integral seat (the S-Max Sella).

It can handle most staircase designs, and complete 300 steps from a single charge. The rate of ascent/descent is set by the operator (care giver), via AAT’s innovative ComfortStep technology, including an energy stop function. 

A range of accessories, including AAT’s pioneering Universal Back, means the S-Max can be configured for almost every client from small infant to obese adult with due care and support for their particular physical or mental disability.

The unit itself has full adjustability so it can be quickly set up to exactly suit each operator, making it particularly suitable for clients with several members in the care team.

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Full details of the S-Max, and the tool to book a free no obligation assessment ca be found on AAT’s website @


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