Our new bathing products are certainly making a splash!

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Vacuum posture cushions for bathing… Perfect comfort & support every time…

Bathing helps to maintain health and physical well-being for people with disabilities, helping to ease and soothe skin irritations, warm baths can boost circulation, promote personal hygiene and provide real pain relief for those with physical disabilities where joint and muscle pain are part of everyday life. more

What makes the AAT bath system different?

 The unique features of the AAT bath systems are their real flexibility. Unlike more rigid postural supports for the bath the AAT bath systems can be re-moulded and adjusted time after time after time, allowing for changes in posture and body shape, allowing for growth, allowing the modular components to be changed if necessary, providing value for money and reassurance that what provides the right level of support in the bath today will go on providing the right level of support regardless of changing needs. more

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