Moulding to guest needs delivers holiday happiness

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Bendrigg Trust residential activity centre for people with disabilities has found a unique way to mould to individual guest needs- Stabilo vacuum posture cushions!

The Cumbria venue, set in 15 acres, aims to show people what they CAN do offering “adventures for all abilities” including abseiling, canoeing and climbing. 

Inevitably, that poses challenges for the Bendrigg team in making sure that guests can participate as much as possible, in optimum safety and comfort.

The answer has been AAT’s Stabilo Comfortable Plus  and Comfortable Plus Duo infinitely variable vacuum posture cushions.

how it works

With its mouldable seat, back, head and lateral supports, the Comfortable Plus Duo cushion can stabilise and support exactly as each guest needs.

Its vacuum technology means it stays in the precise shape, without pressure, and can be quickly and easily re-shaped in seconds by the Bendrigg team.

The Comfortable Plus works the same way, supporting back, head and sides.

The Comfortable Plus and Comfortable Plus Duo are key elements of AAT’s range of vacuum posture cushions, that enable precise, pressure-free posture stabilisation, correction and support. Innovatively, each cushion can be adjusted as needed, at home by the care-giver, at no cost.

Once the user is initially comfortably positioned, a vacuum pump removes internal air to create a semi-permanent support perfectly moulded to the child or adult. The system means comfort can be maintained all the time, without delay, despite daily variations in need, whether a minute adjustment in shape/firmness to a total re-mould.

the difference it makes

“The Comfortable Plus/ Duo are invaluable pieces of kit for us. They are massively valuable assets in their ability to transform our guests’ experiences.” 

Volunteer Co-Ordinator Kat McCallum

For one young man, the Comfortable Plus Duo seat was shaped enabling him to spend a whole weekend climbing, abseiling and canoeing.

“The support and comfort from the Stabilo was amazing, We thought he would tolerate the harnesses and canoe seat for just moments but he was able to join in the whole session because he was so comfortable. And we didn’t have to worry about pressure sores.”

says the boy’s key worker

A little girl who could only tolerate being in her chair usually for a couple of hours before becoming too uncomfortable enjoyed a whole session canoeing using the Stabilo. She enjoyed it so much and was so comfortable she cried when she had to stop.

Further details of the Comfortable Plus range, and other AAT posture cushions, including the ability to Live Chat and book a free, no obligation assessment, can be found here:

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