#Lockdown2: AAT’s #openforbusiness

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As England heads into its second Lockdown, AAT is already getting set to support people in need of support.

Britain’s only truly national stairclimber provider is ensuring its nationwide team has every tool necessary to support healthcare professionals ensure hospital discharge is safely expedited. Further, anyone needing postural support to live- to sit, sleep, bathe- can still be equipped with the appropriate solutions.

AAT’s team can work alongside OTs and homecare teams to assess, advise and specify the most appropriate options for each individual, and then train carers where necessary to ensure the one they care for is supported and safe. AAT’s services can be accessed in all popular processes- actually on site where safe to so do, remotely via telephone and video calls, or LiveChat via its website www.aatgb.com.

“A report by Healthwatch England found that one in five people discharged from hospital during the first Lockdown had unmet needs at home. Part of that is due to the perception that changes to a home environment have to be an ‘adaptation’,” says AAT Director Peter Wingrave. “Occupational Therapists and all involved in safe transfer to and around home need all the support they can get to manage people’s needs quickly. It amazes me that, at the clerical/administrative level, a real, effective, proven and re-useable solution can be deemed worthless because it is not screwed to a wall or built of brick.”

He adds, “The limitations to effective solution providing do not lie at the professional levels of OTs, carers. The entire AAT team stands ready anywhere in the UK to meet the needs of, and support, OTs and carers through these difficult and demanding circumstances.

“There is a massive opportunity to empower more people to get home, and access their home, by looking at immediate, short-term assistive technology- technology that is often already in equipment stores, or can be hired. We have to be on hand to support OTs so they can maximise those solutions. All they need to do is click or call.”

AAT can be contacted via the website www.aatgb.com or telephoning 01978 82 18 75.

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