How to remove delay in people’s mobility

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Adaptations deliverers are being given new steps to expediate solutions and minimise risk for clients needing support with a new initiative 

We’re already better known as the stairclimber people, so we’ve invested in a significant increase in our stockholding capability for our #1 selling S-Max stairclimber.

As a result, the machine can be delivered to the client within three working days of receipt of order (subject to T&Cs), compared to the weeks- or months- currently offered by alternative inter-floor transfer options.

S-Max stairclimber
The S-Max stairclimber overcomes the barrier of stairs in houses and flats

Dealing with stairs is one of the four most common requirements for adaptations and causes for delay in hospital discharge.

Minimising the risk of inter-floor transfer is therefore a major priority for anyone involved in delivery of adaptations.

Utilising a stairclimber minimises that risk, without any of the disruption to the household of moving beds downstairs, impeding stair access for others etc. 

The S-Max is proven to be a viable solution in almost all stair configuration. It has an impeccable safety record. It can be used by almost any carer; we provide full training as part of the supply package.

“An S-Max stairclimber, is a quick, cost-effective answer to dealing with the growing backlog of adaptations: almost all local authorities have at least one on their books, which can be re-issued for less than £1000.

“By investing in our stockholding, we are further committing to support the sector in addressing the backlog, enabling us to deliver a new stairclimber to the client within three working days of order, if there is not one available in stores. 

“Even if provided as a short-term solution whilst a more permanent fixture is achieved, it offers OTs, Trusted Assessors et al to minimise risk incredibly quickly. It gives client a safe, easy to use option to access all levels of their home. It goes beyond, into the garden or wider community, in almost all stair/step scenarios.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

Full details of the S-Max stairclimber and a quick click assessment form can be found here:

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