How to achieve stable, correct, pressure-free seating

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Infinitely adjustable for musculoskeletal comfort, especially with wheelchairs

Base Doro delivers hip stabilisation and correct positioning without pressure

Hip stabilisation and correction without pressure is often difficult to address for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, requiring complex prescription of a combination of postural support cushions. 

The introduction of Base Doro eliminates that complexity.

It delivers a single cushion with prominent pommel provides posterior and lateral support on any chair or wheelchair. 

The innovative vacuum technology within the cushion means it is infinitely variable and adjustable, enabling exact, pressure-free support for the whole pelvis.  

The strategic pommel enables abduction of the legs. Side lateral panels that extend beyond the hip girdle help stabilise and correct the whole pelvis.

An integral neoprene strap provides complimentary safety when in use. 

The stability and security for the user can also encourage torso movement during daily activities, thus helping increase strength for some musculoskeletal conditions.

Adjustable for each person, as needed

Base Doro can be precisely set up for each person, and quickly and easily adjusted as needed. Based on the beanbag concept, a pump removes air to fix the cushion to the exact configuration of each user and hold them without pressure.

Any progressive change- however slight- required to maintain support and comfort can be undertaken at home, by the care-giver (with appropriate qualified training). There is no need for lengthy and costly re-moulding.

Available in four sizes, Base Doro can be used with all clients from child to adult.

The cushion’s technologically-advanced breatheable neoprene cover can be wiped clean to maintain hygiene; its integral elasticity has the flexibility to “immerse” the buttocks without friction.

A hand pump is supplied as standard. Optional accessories include an electric pump, mounting strap and flexible foam-padded cover.

The Base Doro includes a lap start to further enhance stability and security

“Base Doro takes seated support to a new level. To our knowledge, nothing else gives, in just one cushion, the degree of support, and infinite variability to each person (client or patient). It will make postural seating prescription much simpler, easier- and cost-effective- for Occupational Therapists.  Just one cushion can turn almost any chair into a postural chair and ensure appropriate support for wheelchair users. It delivers transferrable comfort.”

Peter Wingrave, Director AAT GB

Base Doro compliments the range of vacuum posture cushions already available from AAT, including the Comfortable Plus Duo seat and back support, Chilli Bean seat and Grande mattress.

Free no obligation assessments for Base Doro, any or all of the range of vacuum posture cushions, and AAT’s complete range of daily living aids can be booked here:

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