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The pleasure of relaxing in a bath is now available to everyone, no matter their size, disability or bath, with a revolutionary yet simple aid.

Aqua Liberty transforms the bath-time experience for your client if you’re an OT, or you as the care-giver and your loved one.

Designed and developed by AAT in partnership with Occupational Therapists and disabled people

In trials, it has already surprised all parties involved in its efficiency in transforming what for many can be a fraught occupation into a pleasurable, relaxing experience.

Based around our innovative infinitely variable vacuum posture support cushions, Aqua holds the bather in position, without pressure, irrespective of physical and/or neurological conditions, stabilising head, trunk and/or pelvis precisely and individually.  

In the process, Aqua Liberty frees the care giver from the stress and strain of having the try and support their loved one whilst bathing. 

Easy to use, Aqua Liberty can be fixed to and removed from the bath as needed, enabling other members of the family to still enjoy a bath without impediment.

The system comprises a stable, non-slip base which can exactly mould to the shape of any bath, to which the appropriate vacuum posture cushions (  are attached and shaped to address the user’s precise needs. 

Aqua Liberty is multi-purpose, supporting beyond bath-time too. 

The posture support cushions can be easily detached from the bathing aid and used almost anywhere else seating support is needed. The advanced neoprene cover can provide sensory stimulation.

The vacuum technology means the care giver can easily and quickly re-shape and re-mould the cushions as frequently as required, depending on where the cushions are being used, and the user’s own daily needs.

“Even we have been surprised at the effectiveness of Aqua Liberty in addressing bath-time support, transforming what for many can be a fraught occupation into a pleasurable experience for bather and care-giver,” says Peter Wingrave, AAT Director. 

“Everyone who has tested it in trials has been amazed at the ease with which it is fitted and shaped to bath and user, and the relaxing impact it has had on the bather. That has the add-on benefit of reducing stress on care-givers, enabling them to take the time to undertake hygiene and physiotherapy procedures. Everyone wins.”

free assessment and free trail of the system.

This can be arranged by telephoning 01978 821875, emailing, or online:

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