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Bath-time- it should be relaxing, but if a client needs care support, it is fraught with risk unless a major adaptation is undertaken.

It need not be.

We’ve developed a unique solution, that can eliminate the need for that major adaptation of replacing the bath- and all the cost, delay and disruption that entails. It can be in place within 10 working days (subject to T&Cs).

Aqua Liberty provides a safe, supportive, pressure-free option.

It forms perfectly and exactly round the bather, to hold and support them safely. There is no need for the carer to try and support them, to suspend them safely during the execution of intimate hygiene care.  

The core Aqua Liberty system uses suction technology to firmly attach to ANY bath.

Waterproof, infinitely mouldable vacuum posture cushions are attached to provide shaped support, abduction and stabilisation exactly where needed- head, torso, hips, seat. In this way, the carer’s hands are freed to safely concentrate on intimate care, whilst minimising risk from stretching and weight-bearing over the bath.

Importantly, the Aqua Liberty system is easily removed from the bath to allow its use by everyone else in the household. The cushions themselves can be removed from the base, to provide correct postural support, stabilisation and abduction wherever else required for daily life. The Aqua Liberty system stows compactly away, freeing up often restricted space in the bathroom for other users.

“Aqua Liberty is a game changer for supported bathing. At a fraction of the cost and with none of the delay and disruption of replacing a standard bath for a specialist design, Aqua Liberty provides a safe, supported, stable answer for client and carer alike.”

Peter Wingrave, AAT Director

“Aqua Liberty has been the ideal answer for us as a care team. The resident who needs it is now relaxed in the bath. It is quick and easy to fit, and remove. It stows away compactly too. That is really helpful in a bathroom that is used by other people, and already includes a raft of assistive equipment. We still have room to move.”

Jane Turton, Mencap residential manager

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