How do I get a vacuum posture cushion?

Depending on your circumstances you may be able to source one through your local Social Services. We do sell direct to the public, subject to a free no obligation assessment. Please call 01978 821875 or fill in the form @ to arrange a free no obligation assessment.

Where can vacuum posture cushions be used?

With their advanced neoprene cover, vacuum posture cushions can be used anywhere, at home and beyond, even in the bath, swimming pool, sea- wherever you would need cushion support. They can be wiped clean and air dry quickly.

What’s the difference between a fixed-mould seat and a vacuum posture cushion?

A fixed mould seat is permanently fixed in the shape ordered. A vacuum posture cushion is infinitely remouldable, whenever needed, at home, by the trained carer to deliver postural comfort and correction with mm precision giving the flexibility to quickly address variations in requirements.

What is a vacuum posture cushion?

A vacuum posture cushion is in essence a beanbag from which the air is removed once the desired shape is achieved to retain that outline. Versions range from simple rolls to mattress-sized. Its ability to retain its shape and perfectly mirror/correct the user’s anatomy means there is no need for frequent re-plumping of cushions, moving the person to avoid pressure sores. Its design and construction makes it suitable for numerous scenarios, including supported bathing, sleeping, sitting, in wheelchairs, canoes, aircraft… the list is endless. See to appreciate the diversity of uses.