Ease of adjustment helps Chilli Bean win support

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Seeing a product in action has helped therapists at Islington Learning Disability Partnership appreciate the possibilities for better client outcomes.

The team at the Council- operated service to support daily living needs for adults with learning disabilities is now making wider use of AAT GB’s Chilli Bean infinitely flexible postural support system for appropriate clients.

It all began when locum physiotherapist Rosana Barbosa inherited a case where the Chilli Bean had already been ordered and delivered to the client.

As part of AAT’s standard service, its regional managers visit with the recipients to set everything up perfectly at the outset, ensure all involved in the client’s care regime understand how to use the equipment and train them in correctly adjusting or re-shaping the Bean.

“As soon as I saw how it all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” explained Rosana. “I arranged a trial for them and was very impressed. Other beanbags need professional casting, which makes it difficult to adjust them once the client’s postural needs change. Chilli Bean can be easily readjusted by anyone trained to do so. I’ve already recommended it to other team members, who have also begun specifying Chilli Bean.”

The concept of bean bags as a basis for postural support is an accepted therapy.  AAT’s Chilli Bean (https://www.aatgb.com/chilli-bean/) innovatively uses vacuum technology to be precisely shaped without pressure points to stabilise each user. It can be easily and infinitely adjusted to accommodate changing client needs “on site”, within minutes and without additional cost.

Chilli Bean holds its shape by the attachment of a pump which sucks out all the air between the ‘beans’ so that they stay in the moulded contours. When the user requires a different configuration, however infinite/ minute, a little air is allowed back in to enable the beans to move, the Chilli Bean re-shaped as needed, and the pump attached and operated to fix the new mould.  If required, the Bean and user can be “mapped” to ensure no pressure points. There is no need for fixed cast moulds, nor the cost and time involved in organising such variants.

Constructed from a sophisticated air- and water-proof form of neoprene, Chilli Bean’s surface breathes but is waterproof; thus it  can be wiped clean, and easily disinfected. It is available in a range of colours. It can also be accessorised for sensory stimulation, and mobility.

Chilli Bean is just part of AAT’s vacuum technology postural support range to address moderate to severe motor impairment. The options range from small cushions to mattresses and even systems for water-based activity (https://www.aatgb.com/posture-cushions/).

As part of AAT’s support for healthcare professionals, it provides virtual or actual technical training, demonstrations, and client assessments. Book your free assessment.

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