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AAT GB has developed its Chilli Bean mobile support system in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, to meet  daily life requirements of healthcare professionals and families caring for someone with complex motor issues.

The system means the person is correctly supported in a comfortable position, and can be wheeled whilst still reclined in the Chilli Bean to wherever needed at home, at the therapy centre, in hospital etc.

At under 75cm wide, the standard base fits through most conventional doorways. The steel frame holds the Chilli Bean without impinging on the occupant. Pivoting wheels give optimum mobility and steering, and clip-lock brakes are easy to operate to ensure the system stays where required. It can be used with all standard sizes of Chilli Bean vacuum posture cushion.

In essence a huge bean bag, the Chilli Bean offers a unique concept in postural support, at a fraction of the cost of moulded systems. Once the user is initially comfortably positioned, a vacuum pump removes internal air to create a semi-permanent support perfectly moulded to the individual. The Chilli Bean is easily reformed in minutes on-site/ at home to accommodate the user as needs and size change over time, without requiring a completely new mould as per alternative fixed systems.

“Chilli Bean safely and fully correctly stabilises the person in one position, and in one place without risk of  pressure sores, injury from involuntary spasm etc,” explains AAT Director Peter Wingrave. “But it’s inevitable in life that we need to move around, to other parts of the building whether a home, therapy centre, hospital. The roller base means the carer can move from one room to another, and easily take their charge along without having to transfer them into a wheelchair or other aid, with all the transfer risk and anxiety that can induce. They can stay in their ‘safe space’.”

Chilli Bean is unique in the UK to AAT GB, and forms just part of the range of vacuum stabilisation cushions to deal with correct sitting, sleeping, bathing, swimming. Because the system forms perfectly to the individual, there is even pressure across the entire surface reducing incidence of pressure sores.

AAT’s team of assessors can work with the family and/or healthcare professional to show and explain the concept, and determine the most appropriate solution for each client. Assessments can be undertaken virtually or in person as required. Full details of the new Chilli Bean portable system can be found on AAT’s website: https://www.aatgb.com/chilli-bean/, or by phoning 01978 821875.

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