Case study: stairclimber gives Huntington’s disease sufferer a lift

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For Stephen Thompson and his support team, his deteriorating condition from Huntington’s Disease was making daily life harder to manage. Not now!

The involuntary movements that are a main symptom of the disease were getting worse. This was making it unsafe for the 55-year old to use the stairlift fitted in his Gateshead home.

His local council (Metropolitan Borough of Gateshed) in partnership with AAT GB- the stairclimber people- has devised a safe, cost-efficient solution. 

how we helped:

Prescription of AAT’s Sella stairclimber, and training of the five personal assistants involved in Stephen’s daily care, means that Stephen can now safely, quickly and easily get up and down stairs- and through to bedroom, bathroom or lounge.

The stairclimber smoothly and easily manoeuvres Stephen. It even overcomes the obstacle of the old stairlift still in place!

AAT’s Sella is Class 1 Medical Device certified.

The battery-powered kinematic machine can execute 300 steps from a single charge of the battery, at a speed set to suit each of Stephen’s care team.

When not in use, it simply folds away.

what do they think?

“We all think it is brilliant!”

“We were a bit wary at first, but once we were shown how to use it, and adjust the speed to suit what we are comfortable with, we all love it, even Dad.

With the various harness straps, we know Dad is safe during the transfer, with no risk of him catching his legs even in chorea. I can’t imagine life without it.”

says Stephen’s daughter and care manager Hayley Thompson-Kail.

Since being introduced some 20 years ago, AAT’s stairclimbers have become the industry leader. With their impeccable safety record, thousands are now in use nationwide, in private and social housing, care homes, ambulances and hospitals.

find out more:

You can find out more about the Sella stairclimber here:

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