Case study: Re-using equipment brings new lease of life at home- and beyond.

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Daily life for one family has reached new heights, by the Council’s OT team optimising use of existing equipment.

Daniel can safely be moved upon and downstairs by any of his care team

Brain injured at birth, five years old Daniel Bostock requires round-the-clock care support for his condition. He has Cerebral Palsy and a gastrostomy, his back arches, his legs do not bend but his body exerts strong movement and his muscle pattern changes through the day.

Big for his age, Daniel had reached the point where it was no longer safe nor practical to carry him up and down stairs, whichever of the care team was undertaking the ADL. His team ranges from a petite (4ft 11ins) carer to his 6ft 3ins father.

Making best use of existing equipment

A new OT on the team was aware the Council had some AAT S-Max Sella stairclimbers on its equipment list. Working with AAT’s regional assessment manager, one of the stairclimbers has been re-issued to Daniel, accessorised with a tilt-in-space seat to match his specific needs In terms of size and support. 

The whole process- from initial assessment to provision of the stairclimber and full training for the care team- was completed in under three weeks, with no disruption or physical structural alteration to the family home and daily life.

It has meant transfer of Daniel up and down stairs is now safe and easy. It has also enabled the family as an entity to enjoy life beyond the home, as the stairclimber can be packed into the boot for days out or holidays, regardless of access issues at destination. They’ve even ventured to the Scottish Highlands!

“The stairclimber’s a brilliant bit of equipment. It’s meant we can make it a really full life for Daniel. On a practical level, because of his health issues Daniel requires 24-hour care. The stairclimber is so easy, every one of us can use it. Crucially, it supports and holds Daniel safely and correctly. It just works for us.”

mum Jodie

How it works

The Medical Device Class 1 rated S-Max Sella is purpose-designed with a compact turning circle to accommodate almost every type of staircase, including bends, and turns, and narrow flights. The battery-operated kinetic machine smoothly powers up and down stairs or steps, accommodating 300 steps from one charge. Integrated anti-tilt means it cannot be tipped over, and automatic braking ensures complete control throughout the step process. 

A high balance point means little effort is required to manouevre it. The handle is fully and easily adjustable to whatever height is comfortable for the operator, whether Daniel’s smallest carer or his tall father. Rate of climb can also be set to that comfortable for operator and passenger.

When not in use, the Sella folds compactly away, minimising disruption and interference with daily living for the household.

Since AAT introduced stairclimbers into the UK 20 years ago, thousands have been sold, to the extent almost every Local Authority now has at least one. The standard S-Max has an impeccable safety record, and can accommodate almost every staircase configuration. As standard, it includes an integral seat; accessorising with AAT’s unique Universal Back further enhances re-issue capability as the Back delivers “cradle to grave” support being fully adjustable by width and height, and seat depth providing lateral and asymmetrical trunk support and harnessing if needed. Alternatively, the S-Max can be fitted to a wheelchair.

Including client assessment and training, a stairclimber can be re-issued for less than £1000, and expediated within days, delivering optimal risk management or facilitating hospital discharge where mobility on stairs are a preventative issue.

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