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Taking advantage of alternative solutions can empower adaptations professionals to help numerous people with just one piece of equipment..

The solution is re-issue of a stairclimber.

At less than £1000, it often eliminates any need for means testing or the too-often lengthy process of grant funding.

It’s a solution that can be delivered within days, not the weeks- or even months- of alternative options. It quickly, and safely, empowers clients to live life more, without any material or physical disruption to the home.

North Yorkshire County Council is just one to appreciate the benefit of AAT stairclimbers, with their infinite potential for re-issue.

Read the Backshell family’s story:

Pam Backshell lives in a first floor flat, and suffers from arthritis, osteoporosis, sclerosis of the liver and COPD. Her reduced mobilty meant the only way she could get out of the flat, into fresh air and the wider community was by undignified and unhygienic bottom-shuffling down the stairs.

Her daughter Charlotte was worried and wanted to find a better way. Research on the internet and discussions with Pam’s Occupational Therapist led to an answer: a stairclimber. The battery-powered, seated kinematic device smoothly climbs and descends any number of steps to safely carry its passenger- in this case Pam- to and from her flat and beyond. It is steered and controlled by Charlotte or other members of her support network , enabling Pam to enjoy life with dignity. 

North Yorkshire County Council already had an AAT S-Max stairclimber in its equipment stock. This has been re-issued to Pam, meaning her mobility has been restored for no extra capital cost to the Authority. 

The only outlay has been the re-issue costs of under £1000. This includes the cost of AAT’s professionals to support and assess Pam and her care team to set the stairclimber up correctly and ensure everyone is comfortable with it and safe when using it, to service the unit, and train Charlotte and the care team in safe operation of the stairclimber.

“The stairclimber’s been a real problem-solver. It means so much to us. The stairclimber is so quick and easy to use, it’s just a couple of buttons to operate. It has been a life-saver.: it was so dangerous how we used to get mum out and back home. This way is much more dignified.”

Charlotte Backshell

Easy to use, with an impeccable safety record, the AAT S-Max can evolve with the client as their priorities and needs change.  If the S-Max, is accessorised with a Universal Back the kit is perfectly set up to adapt and safely support any user with the flexibility to supports and harnessing as needed without any additional equipment., further optimising re-issue potential.  

Find out more about re-issue of stairclimbers here:

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